Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 46: The Christmas Episode

Maho Girls PreCure! goes all festive on us in its 46th episode. Turns out the Magic World also celebrates Christmas, though it has a magical twist on it.
As an aside, information on Kirakira ☆ PreCure A La Mode has been revealed – you can see my post on that by clicking here.
All right, let’s focus on Maho Girls PreCure! now.


Christmas in the Magic World.

The Magic World’s Christmas has everyone become Santa to deliver presents to the good boys and girls. Of course, as you might expect, Mirai, Riko and Kotoha end up helping out as well.


Kotoha, Mirai and Riko decide to help deliver presents.

The girls have to deliver presents to the residents of the Merchant’s Alley.


We check in on Mayumi and Kana in the No Magic World.

Kana sent a letter to Santa asking if she could talk face-to-face with a magician. Mayumi asks her why she’s so obsessed with magicians – it’s so she can believe in herself. Just something to prove that she hasn’t been making up the existence of magicians.


Beginner Santas have to use the snail.

Mirai and the girls set off and deliver presents. They don’t go down chimneys, but use a magical stocking that teleports presents into children’s bedrooms – as long as they’re close enough. They even manage to convince a little girl to apologise to her mother after she didn’t clean her room.


Benigyo tries to talk with incomplete servants of Deusmast.

Benigyo is the only servant of Deusmast left after Oruba’s defeat last time. She’s concerned about Cure Felice’s power, but remains determined to stop them.

After completing their Magic World deliveries, Mirai, Riko, Kotoha and Mofurun are tasked with delivering presents to the No Magic World.


Mayumi and Kana went to a party together.

Naturally, Mayumi and Kana happen to spot Mirai, Riko and Kotoha flying through the sky on their broomsticks (their snail had to take a break). Their pursuit of the magicians happens to draw the attention of someone, though.


Benigyo demands to know where the magicians the girls are following are.

Because Benigyo is red, Mayumi and Kana come to conclusion that she must be…


Brought to us by Mayumi and Kana’s imaginations, Santa Benigyo.

Mirai and the others happen to notice Benigyo cornering Mayumi and Kana, so they transform.


Ruby Style

Kana is thrilled to see these magicians arrive – in fact, she’s so transfixed on Miracle and Magical riding their broomsticks she doesn’t even seem to notice Felice flying unaided… Regardless, Benigyo summons the monster of the week.


We have a festive Donyokubarl this time around.

As the fight begins, Felice tells Mayumi and Kana to run for cover. However, Mayumi is frozen with fear.


Felice protects Kana and Mayumi.


Miracle and Magical hold back the Donyokubarl

Miracle, Magical and Felice explain to Benigyo what Christmas is, and tell her to stop trying to ruin it. We also get a funny moment where it turns out the Donyokubarl wants to receive a present. However, it’s on the naughty list. They defeat the Donyokubarl.


The Linkle Stone Spirit recognises the Peridot.


So close to completion now…

After the battle is complete, Mayumi and Kana thank the Cures for saving them. Kana also asks if they are magicians.


Quite a reaction there, huh?

Miracle, Magical and Felice say that magicians have to keep their identities secret. Fortunately, Kana’s perfectly fine with that – she’s just happy that she met real magicians. Mayumi promises to keep quiet, too. After that, the Cures go back to their present delivery job, whilst Mayumi and Kana continue on their merry way.


Kana is also happy to have found someone who believes in her.

The next morning arrives, and Mirai, Riko and Kotoha find a Christmas cake waiting for them.

This episode was quite a fun one, particularly with the Magic World twist on Christmas. Also, further shipping material for Kana and Mayumi was pretty nice, particularly that scene at the end.

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