FLIP FLAPPERS Episode 12: A Tiny Bit of Courage

Have I ever mentioned that I hold FLIP FLAPPERS in rather high regard? In fact, with the end of the year coming up, I’ll definitely be including it in my top ten anime of 2016 – but to see in which position, you’ll just have to wait for that post.
As for the penultimate episode of FLIP FLAPPERS, it’s another trip into Pure Illusion, featuring some rather familiar places.

We begin with Papika and Yayaka entering Pure Illusion, with the former using her nose to sniff out Cocona.


Cocona is still in the clutches of Mimi.

Mimi tells Cocona that she will decide everything for her, which Cocona just accepts for the moment.


Dr. Hidaka puts Nyunyu and Bu-chan to work.

Back in the real world, we see what Salt, Dr. Hidaka, Sayuri, and Nyunyu are up to. Salt has plans to go after something, whilst Sayuri is concerned for Cocona. Dr. Hidaka works on setting something up, enlisting the aid of Nyunyu and TT-392 (AKA Bu-chan).


Mimi confronts Papika and Yayaka.

Papika and Yayaka find Cocona, but Mimi doesn’t allow them to approach her. Instead, she sends them somewhere else – into a Pure Illusion we’ve seen before.

Pure Illusion.jpg

Episode 2’s Pure Illusion, if I recall correctly.

Having been in that particular Pure Illusion before, Papika is able to find the exit. Papika and Yayaka manage to escape, only to wind up in another Pure Illusion.


Papika and Yayaka escape from one dangerous situation and end up in another one.


Salt, Nyunyu and Sayuri head for Asclepius to go after ELPIS.


An outburst of anger from Yuyu, due to her brother getting hurt.

Papika and Yayaka’s journey through the different Pure Illusions continue, with them arriving ‘Yuri Road’ Pure Illusion. They have a familiar foe waiting for them, too.


Welwitschia seeks revenge against Yayaka.

Papika ends up getting tied up, allowing Welwitschia to focus on Yayaka.The situation ends up pretty dire, but Yayaka does have a fragment in her possession… Papika tells her to think of her most precious thing.


It is Cocona that Yayaka treasures most.

Though Yayaka was initially under orders to observe Cocona, she eventually found a place for herself. Yayaka loved at being Cocona’s side, and as such desires to see her again so she can apologise for lying to her for so long.


Yayaka transforms.

With her transformation, Yayaka is able to make short work of Welwitschia’s true form. With Pure Illusion bleeding over into the real world, Toto and Yuyu are able to see Yayaka’s transformation. Yuyu seems to be quite impressed by it.

As Salt and Sayuri descend into Asclepius, Hidaka decides it is the right time to activate… something. I’ll get to that, but first, here’s what Hidaka looks like without glasses:


Hidaka sans glasses.


TT-392 receives a power=up: Idiom Mode.

TT-392 is brushed aside almost immediately after it powers up.

Papika and Yayaka come face-to-face with Mimi again, who insists that Cocona can’t make her own choices. When Yayaka tells her it is wrong for her mother to make all choices for her, Mimi has none of it. Of course, they end up being sent away again.


This is their opponent this time around.

Yayaka acts as bait, allowing Papika to get past and head towards Cocona. Mimi and Cocona have been observing Papika and Yayaka whilst they’ve been in Pure Illusion, but Mimi steps in when Papika gets too close.


Mimi alters Papika’s memories.


This Mimi is able to bring Cocona back to reality.

Cocona acknowledges that she’s always been indecisive, but the benevolent Mimi who appeared before her tells her that she just lacked a little bit of courage. Everybody is like that, but ultimately Cocona has to choose for herself what world she wants to be a part of. Cocona isn’t the only one who gets a visit from the benevolent Mimi – she asks Papika to recall what it was she wished for. Mimi’s wish is for Cocona to have the freedom she never had – Cocona should be able to live her life as she sees fit. Papika returns to her senses, and runs over to Cocona. However, Mimi undoes her transformation (Yayaka’s as well). Cocona continues to reach out for Papika.


I’ve previously said I would be pleased if Cocona reciprocated Papika’s love. Consider me pleased.

Papika and Cocona reach for each other, and their fingertips touch.


A transformation activated by their love for each other.

Mimi isn’t best pleased by this turn of events, and undergoes something of a transformation of her own.


Papika and Cocona face Mimi

Papika and Cocona make short work of their foe with their new powers, sending it flying. The episode ends with this:fist-bump

Some pretty amazing stuff happened in this episode of FLIP FLAPPERS. It was great to see Yayaka transform, though I do wonder what her magical girl name would be – we already have Pure Barrier and Pure Blade.
Of course, Yayaka finally admitting her feelings for Cocona was the catalyst for the transformation, and that was another good scene.
My highlight, however, has to be Papika and Cocona’s transformation towards the end there. Cocona finally reciprocated Papika’s feelings, and it turns out that holds enough power for a great transformation. I guess it goes to show, you should never underestimate the power of yuri.

It was nice to see that a nicer part of Mimi still exists – the terrible mother may be the dominant one, but this doesn’t stop her from giving both Papika and Cocona a little push in the right direction just when they need it.

The scenes featuring Salt and the twins weren’t too bad, I suppose. Salt clearly has some kind of plan in mind, what with him going after ELPIS – it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out.
It also seems like Yayaka has rubbed off a little on Yuyu. First, we get a display of emotion, and then Yuyu imitates Yayaka.
Salt, Sayuri, Dr. Hidaka, TT-392, Toto and Yuyu have had all roles to play in this story, but there is one character who just sort of exists. That would be Nyunyu. Maybe she’ll play a key part in the final episode. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

I really enjoyed this episode, and it was pretty fun having Papika and Yayaka revisit old Pure Illusions. Of course, the transformations are easily the highlight. We only have one more episode left… I’m very much looking forward to seeing FLIP FLAPPERS will conclude.

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