Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 45: Even Far Apart, We’re Still Connected

Some major stuff is set in motion in the 45th episode of Maho Girls PreCure!.
On a slightly unrelated note, I imagine it won’t be too long before Toei officially unveil the Cures for Kirakira PreCure A La Mode – I’ll be sharing that news on here when the time comes.
But for now, let’s just focus on Maho Girls PreCure!.


A kotatsu is the perfect thing for a cold winter’s day.

The girls meet with the headmaster, and they discuss the Magic and No Magic Worlds originally being one singular world. The headmaster is also seeking Kushii’s tome, which is currently in Oruba’s possession.


We take a look at the past of Kushii and the headmaster during the course of this episode.

With the headmaster feeling down, Mofurun suggests he eats something sweet. All the girls volunteer to go and get some strawberry melonpan. This leaves the headmaster alone, at least until he spots someone he recognises.


Batty feeling sorry for himself.

As you might expect, the girls are surprised to see Batty with the headmaster. However, the headmaster assures them it is all right, and conversation soon turns to Kushii’s tome. Right on cue, Oruba, Sparda and Gamettsu appear.


Topaz Style

The Cures aren’t the only ones to transform for the fight.


Spider Sparda

Whilst Miracle and Magical focus on Sparda, Felice fights Gamettsu. The headmaster tries to grab the tome from Oruba, but doesn’t quite manage it. It is then that Oruba reveals the part that Dark Magic plays in reviving Deusmast. If PreCure had not defeated Dokurokushe, then Deusmast would have been revived by this point.

Monster of the Week.jpg

Oruba calls forth a Donyokubarl and interrupts the fight between Felice and Gamettsu

Miracle and Magical continue to focus on Sparda, even going so far as to use an attack that takes a clear inspiration from Dragon Ball Z.


A PreCure take on the Destructo Disc.

They strike Sparda, but it turns out the enemy they were facing was a distraction. Sparda tries to take the tome from Oruba, but things don’t go the way she would like.


Oruba’s true form

Sparda and Gamettsu try to attack Oruba, but the Donyokubarl stops them. Oruba easily changes them back into a spider and turtle respectively, but Batty still remains.


Batty summons a Yokubarl, fusing Sparda, Gamettsu and Yamoh.

The Yokubarl fights the Donyokubarl, and eventually overpowers it, claiming victory. Oruba laments at being defeated with¬† Batty’s ‘half-rate magic’, but Felice says that it isn’t half-rate at all. PreCure then finish off Oruba in their usual manner, using Over the Rainbow.


In his final moments, Oruba sets something in motion…

With the battle finished, Batty takes Sparda, Gamettsu and Yamoh and returns home, and the headmaster is able to reclaim Kushii’s tome. We learn that Kushii began to study dark magic in an attempt to find some way of preventing the cataclysm – he didn’t get the headmaster involved as he didn’t want to hurt him.

PreCure took a back seat this episode, what with the focus on the headmaster and the villains, and I’m perfectly fine with that. We’ve learned some more about Kushii’s character, and the relationship he shared with the headmaster when they were younger.
Batty’s role in this episode was also interesting; I could see him becoming friends with the headmaster through their respect of Kushii – though they knew two different sides of him, we was still the same person.
I guess the Cures using their finishing move is some sort of status quo, but other than that, Maho Girls PreCure! has proven it doesn’t need the Cures to be front and centre for a good episode.
The Yokubarl vs. Donyokubarl fight was an unexpected surprise, but nevertheless, I actually quite enjoyed it. That’ll probably be the only time we see it, though, what with Batty returning home at the end of this episode.
Topaz Style tends to be a treat when the Cures use it, mainly for the myriad of forms it can take on to aid the girls in combat. I think the Destructo Disc-style attack was rather neat.
Things are now in place for the final act to start, though it looks like we have the small matter of Christmas before we get to that. Of course, that’ll be the focus of the next episode.

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