Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 44: Reliving Youth

This episode of Maho Girls PreCure! brings back a couple of familiar faces. The girls also end up reliving their youth.


Mofurun experiences quite a shock.

We begin with Mirai, Riko and Kotoha returning home from shopping together. Before they can go back inside, Oruba appears nearby and tries casting some Dark Magic on them.


Oruba’s magic makes the girls younger.

Once they’re back inside, everyone tries to figure out what exactly has just happened. Mirai throws a tantrum, whilst Mofurun remains level-headed and suggests they contact the headmaster about it.


Their sudden youth has affected their magic.

Upon learning of their predicament, the headmaster decides to travel over to the No Magic World to try and help out. Meanwhile, it also seems that the girls’ attention spans have also decreased.


Mirai and Riko focus on the size of their hands.

Kotoha gets on her broomstick and chases a bird, but is able to safely make it back to the bedroom. She decides that it’s time to eat, and uses some magic to conjure up some food.


Kotoha conjures up a giant pancake.

Whilst Oruba observes the girls, Sparda approaches him and suggests that they add a couple more soldiers to their cause. Oruba allows it.


The girls quickly fill up on giant pancake.

With everyone stuffed from eating the pancake, Kotoha uses her magic to send it away somewhere. After eating their fill, the girls decide it’s nap time.


Mofurun covers the sleeping girls.

In the Magic World, the headmaster prepares his things to travel to the No Magic World.


Also, this is where the giant pancake ends up.

Meanwhile, Sparda tracks down her allies, and brings them back to Oruba who revives them.


Batty and Gamettsu return.

Neither Batty nor Gamettsu are too keen about being brought back. However, when Sparda tells Gamettsu about the Emerald Cure, he desires the opportunity to test his strength. Batty, however, remains incredibly reluctant.


Here’s this week’s Yokubarl.

Sparda, Gamettsu and the Yokubarl show up outside Mirai’s house, and call them out for battle. Mofurun tries to hold off the threat as the girls are sleeping.

Mofurun webbed.jpg

Oh, Mofurun, if only you were a Cure…

Mirai, Riko and Kotoha end up waking up and coming outside to investigate anyways. Needless to say, Gamettsu isn’t best pleased to see that their opponents are now kids. However, one transformation sequence soon lifts the youth spell.


Diamond Style

Miracle and Magical tackle the Yokubarl, whilst Felice’s opponent is Gamettsu. Sparda and Oruba just watch as the battle unfolds. Gamettsu soon realises that Felice is the fairy who attempted to stop him before. However, before they can do anything, Oruba interferes as he wants to speak to Felice.


Oruba seems to think there’s a connection between Cure Felice and Mother RaPaPa

Miracle, Magical and Mofurun had got dragged into a fight simply because Oruba wanted to speak with Felice. She realises this, and declares that hurting her precious friends is unforgivable.


The Pink Tourmaline Linkle Stone spirit.


Edging ever closer towards completion.

Felice is able to break free, and deliver the Over the Rainbow finisher with Miracle and Magical. With the Yokubarl defeated, Oruba forces Sparda and Gamettsu to retreat.


The headmaster travels to the No Magic World, with a snack.

In the No Magic World, the girls are back to their normal selves.


The status quo is restored.

This episode was definitely on the sillier side of things. I do wonder if Oruba’s experiments with Dark Magic will lead to anything – we all know what happened to the last person who dabbled with it.
It’s interesting to see the first enemy generals brought back; in particular, Batty, who clearly has no motivation to fight the Cures without his master Dokurokushe.
This was a fairly enjoyable episode, but I definitely feel it didn’t quite match the previous one.

Next time, it looks as if the Cures will gain an unlikely ally.

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