Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 11: Light and Sound

The past few of episodes of Magical Girl Raising Project have all seemed to pass in the blink of an eye for me. That shows that I’ve really been enjoying them, and I’m always left wanting more.
Anyway, in episode 11, we see how the conflict previously set up plays out. As you can probably guess, there’ll be spoilers for the episode in this post.

Remember way back in episode 1, the first scene presented a single magical girl standing amongst a whole bunch of corpses? Well, this episode begins by revisiting that.


Cranberry previously fought for survival in a different game.

It seems that Cranberry’s first survival game involved gathering many magical girls together in order to fight a demon that was running wild. Cranberry was the only one to survive, and as such Fav declared her to be her Master. This awoke Cranberry’s desire to fight strong opponents, so she accepted the role.

Back to the present, Swim Swim and Tama try to approach Cranberry. However, that proves to be a difficult task when your opponent is someone with super sensitive hearing.


Swim Swim may be able to avoid physical attacks, but light and sound still work against her.

Cranberry is able to successfully attack Swim Swim, sending her flying. She goes to investigate, and discovers Swim Swim’s true identity.


Ayana Sakanagi

Cranberry’s shocked to discover that Swim Swim was a child, and that surprise causes her to let her guard down. Tama seizes the opportunity, and shows just how fearsome her power can be.


Tama can open a hole in anything.

With Cranberry now little more than a pair of legs, Tama goes to check on Swim Swim – or rather, Ayana, as she is still unconscious. When Ayana regains consciousness, she transforms back into Swim Swim.


Swim Swim kills Tama, because she discovered her true identity.

A flashback shows that Tama was an underachiever, and the only person she could talk to was her grandmother. However, her grandmother passed away and left her all alone. At least until she started playing MagiPro and became a magical girl.


Look how happy she is…

Of course, Tama met Ruler shortly after becoming a magical girl, and interestingly enough, Ruler’s revealed to be a person who isn’t completely terrible.


Maybe Ruler did truly care about her subordinates…

The worst thing about Tama’s death? She died believing she had done something wrong. However, that was not the case – it’s just that Swim Swim was following the advice that Ruler once gave her: a magical girl should not reveal their identity.


Swim Swim sheds a single tear.

To make things worse, with Cranberry defeated, Tama would have qualified as one of the final four. Also, with Cranberry’s death, Swim Swim takes on the role of Fav’s Master. However, she’s not so willing to work together with him.

Fav makes the announcement that they have dropped below the four required magical girls, and will have further news for the survivors later. When he tries to talk to Ayana, she ignores him and focuses on doing her homework. Ayana does wonder if Ruler could have become Master without letting everyone else die.


Ripple reminisces about Top Speed.

Ripple isn’t the only one who’s in mourning after the tragic events caused by this game.


Snow White hears La Pucelle’s voice.

Snow White thinks back to meeting La Pucelle, Sister Nana and Hardgore Alice. When she’s at home, she’s left wondering why she survived. Ripple then contacts her and asks to meet up.


Snow White meets Ripple.

Ripple asks Snow White if she knows anything about Swim Swim, as she intend to kill her. She seeks revenge for Top Speed, but Snow White tries to stop her and says that she’ll be nothing more than a murderer. Ripple is prepared to accept that. She wanted to be a magical girl and admired Snow White. Fav then interjects, and says that he’ll allow the game to continue until there are just two survivors. He also tells them Swim Swim is weak to light and sound. Ripple remains determined to kill Swim Swim, and Snow White is unable to dissuade her.


Fav informs Ayana of Ripple wanting to meet her.

Kano presumably dreams of Top Speed, who thanks her for carrying her body home after their encounter with Swim Swim. Before Top Speed disappears, she has a piece of advice for Kano.


Top Speed isn’t around to stop her anymore.

Fav lets Kano know that Swim Swim will meet her at the dam that night, and then we get a transformation sequence. Said transformation is rather reminiscent of Sailor Moon‘s Sailor Mars, interestingly enough.


Ripple is prepared to meet with Swim Swim.

The episode ends here, so we’ll have to wait until next time to see how the meeting between Ripple and Swim Swim will play out.

Cranberry was taken out rather easily, huh? I actually kind of like that, though – she was hyped up as a major threat, and all it took was Tama simply touching her. The event that followed after that is something that I didn’t like – Tama had zero reason to die.
Had this been a more light-hearted magical girl show, I’m almost certain Tama would have played the role of protagonist. Unfortunately, Magical Girl Raising Project is not that type of show.
I’m still not a big fan of Ruler, but Tama’s flashback did help to develop her character a little more. I can appreciate that.

There was certainly a lot of dead characters show up this episode, huh? Ruler was fairly prominent, but so to was Top Speed. She had quite an interesting dynamic with Ripple, so I definitely want to see Ripple get revenge against Swim Swim.
I’d like to see Snow White become more active and not just cry over events. She doesn’t want Ripple to become a murderer, but it’s not like she can rely on anyone to stop her. Snow White is the only one who can try, so it’s about time she done something.

I’m eagerly anticipating the showdown between Ripple and Swim Swim, which will probably also end involving Snow White in some way. Let’s not forget that Ripple also has the Fourth-Dimensional Bag that Top Speed previously acquired. It’ll be interesting to see if that provides any help in what will likely be the final battle.

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1 Response to Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 11: Light and Sound

  1. Alane says:

    I was so affected by this episode and am really excited by the next one. Great catch on episode 1’s death–wouldn’t have thought to look way back when. Tama hasn’t been getting a lot of love (from me included), but it was so clear she was a kind person and this episode cinched it. She didn’t deserve to die at all. I’m still kind of in shock that Swim Swim did not die–I think I’ve just been wanting her to since she kept getting worse and worse. Ripple will hopefully be that last bastion of “good magical girls,” unless she too goes crazy.

    Thanks for sharing!

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