FLIP FLAPPERS Episode 10: Mimi

We’ve seen the name ‘Mimi’ crop up a few times previously, but episode 10 of FLIP FLAPPERS sheds a little light on who that person is.

FlipFlap previously took in the heavily injured Yayaka, but Dr. Salt is less than keen to allow her to stay with them. However, Sayuri and Cocona are able to convince him to allow her to stay, at least until her treatment is complete.
Meanwhile, Asclepius announces that all the amorphous have been brought out of Pure Illusion and starts getting things ready for the next part of their plan.


The identity of the lass from Cocona’s recurring dream is revealed.


Cocona is happy to wake up to this – for a moment, at least.

When Papika mumbles ‘Mimi’, Cocona gets upset. She asks Papika about Mimi, but Papika avoids telling her as she doesn’t want to make Cocona sad. Whilst I can appreciate Papika’s sentiment, it doesn’t really help in the long run. Cocona goes to see Yayaka, whilst Papika is forcefully taken to see Dr. Salt by Bu-chan.


Salt calls her Papikana, but she says she’s Papika now.

Yayaka regains consciousness whilst Cocona is with her, and the pair of them have a talk.


Yayaka can’t help but be envious of Papika and Cocona being able to find amorphous so easily.

Yayaka reveals that the twins Toto and Yuyu were genetically programmed with amorphous powers in order to go to Pure Illusion. Yayaka had them implanted in her later – there were others, but she was the only to survive. Their conversation turns to the amorphous. It seems that whoever collects all of them can bend Pure Illusion to their will. Right at the very moment Yayaka is about to reveal something to Cocona, an explosion rocks the base.


Asclepius forces invade FlipFlap.

Whilst Hidaka is able to keep the mooks at bay, Toto and Yuyu take a more direct route towards their objective.


Cocona is their target.

When the twins arrive, they tell Cocona that she has an amorphous inside her. They say that Yayaka had only been watching over her because of that; that Yayaka had been deceiving Cocona all this time. When Cocona asks Yayaka about it, she remains silent.


Papika swoops in.

Papika does offer to bring Yayaka along as well, but she chooses to remain behind to hold the twins back. Papika and Cocona retreat, but Cocona stops Papika and gets her to share more about Mimi.


Mimi, Salt and Papikana

Mimi was a lass who was isolated to a single room, where others would be taken to meet her to see if their impedances would align. Of course, Papika – or Papikana, as she was known back then – was one of these people. She grew attached to Mimi, and developed a strong desire to become her friend. She wasn’t the only one – a young Salt wanted to become Mimi’s friend too.
Salt was able to convince the higher-ups to let Mimi go outside for a short while, alongside Papikana and himself. As thanks for showing her the outside world, Mimi took Papikana into Pure Illusion for the first time.

In the present day, Cocona’s convinced that she’s only serving the role of substitute for Mimi.


Papika tries to convince Cocona that she’s not a substitute.

Cocona doesn’t buy any of it, and ultimately runs off. Papika tries to follow her, but they end up getting separated. Once Papika and Cocona have left FlipFlap, Salt gives the order to evacuate the base.

After Cocona’s emotional outburst, she goes back home. She’s relieved to see the familiar face of her grandmother – at least, right up until Asclepius soldiers appear in her home and her grandmother stands unaided.


There were people out there who distrusted Cocona’s grandmother – it seems they were right.

The Asclepius soldiers pin Cocona down, and things seem pretty bleak. However, several amorphous converge on Cocona and destroy her house, as well as the Asclepius forces at the location – including her grandmother who wasn’t human at all.


Cocona’s mum will protect her.

Cocona now has her mother’s protection – and so we get an idea of who Mimi is.

Some interesting goings on in this episode of FLIP FLAPPERS, as you can see. We finally have an answer as to who Mimi is and her connection to our protagonists. Yayaka definitely deserves some recognition for trying to hold back the twins whilst still heavily injured, and I don’t for a second believe that she was deceiving Cocona for all that time.
Maybe that may have been the case at first, but I’d confidently say she developed feelings for her over time. This wouldn’t be the first time the twins lied to Cocona, after all.
I enjoyed this episode, and as ever, am looking forward to seeing what will happen next – particularly with what happened at the end of this episode.

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