Rory’s 3DS Game of December 2016

The final game I’ve chosen to highlight for the year of 2016 is an RPG. It is the first entry of its series to see an international release, and that’s thanks to Sega and Deep Silver.
I decided I’d pick up this game after giving downloading the free demo from the Nintendo eShop and quite enjoying it – and saved data from the demo carries over to the main game, as well as providing a bonus.

7th Dragon III Code: VFD focuses on the cycle of battle between humans and extraterrestrial creatures called dragons that spans 20,000 years. The cycle is set to come to an end with the appearance of the 7th True Dragon VFD in Tokyo.
To prevent a catastrophe from occurring, you’ll be venturing into the past, present and future in order to hunt dragons.

The present world is Tokyo in the year 2100, the past takes you back 12,000 years to Atlantis, whilst you’ll be travelling 7,000 years into the future to the world of Eden.
Throughout the different time periods, you’ll meet with an assortment of characters.

However, before you can set out to meet those characters, you’ll need to create some of your own. Ideally you’ll want a full party of three people, though I suspect those seeking a challenge may be able to do something with a single character.


Begin by choosing a style for your character.

There’s a total of 32 different appearances to choose from, each one with three colour variations. Not all of them are available at the start of the game, but just playing through is probably sufficient to gain access to all 32. Once you’re done with appearance, you need to decide on one of 8 different classes.

The final step is to choose a voice for your character. There are 40 different voices to choose from, and the game has the decency to share with you the names of those who provide their voices – some of the talent here includes Daisuke Ono, Nana Mizuki and Aoi Yuuki.
As the game progresses, you’ll be able to take control of three different teams of three, and even have them work together in battles providing the correct requirements have been met.

With the introduction and character creation complete, it’s about time to focus on the gameplay. Being a JRPG, battles are turn-based as you’d probably expect. It’s simply a case of choosing what you want your characters to do – whether that be attack, defend, use a skill or escape. Standard RPG stuff here. Once you’ve selected the party’s actions, a round of combat will play out. Rinse and repeat until you win.
Each class has it own unique skills. For example, the God Hand inflicts ‘God Depth’ on the enemy, which allows you to use more powerful attacks, whereas the Duelist has to rely on drawing cards which allows them to use elemental attacks and set traps.
dragonBoss battles come in the form of dragons – in particular, High and True Dragons. Ultimately the goal of the game is to claim victory over the dragons, though considering the 7th True Dragon, VFD, is said to hold some secret, I suspect things won’t be that straightforward…

When not travelling through time or hunting dragons, you’ll return to Nodens Enterprises. This game corporation serves as your base of operations, and you can expand it by building facilities. By defeating dragons you earn Dz, which is used in the construction of new facilities. This allows development of new weapons, items and skills amongst other things.
Also, you have the opportunity to build a Cat Café.

You can also take on quests from the base, which include tasks such as bug checking, acquiring specific items and locating missing fish. Naturally, you earn rewards for completing these quests so it’s a good idea to tackle them as soon as your able.
Also, whilst out in the field, you’ll come across refugees in need of rescuing. The more people you save, the more good may come to you…

Feeling affection towards one of the characters you’ve met – or even created? Well, good news, you can go on dates with story and created characters. Things start with a character delivering a hand-made bento box to your room, which can lead to exchanging numbers. The final step is the date itself, which ordinarily takes place at the Skylounge on the top floor of your base. However, by becoming closer with other characters, the date will take place elsewhere where the two of you can have more intimate conversations.
Also, there’s no limitations on who can date who – if you want yaoi or yuri pairings, then go nuts. You may even receive weapons, armour or special items as presents from your date, so there’s no reason not to do it.

All I really knew about the game before playing it was what I tried out in the demo, but having done some more research into its features, I’m pretty psyched to get back into playing it.
I actually wasn’t aware of a couple of the features before researching the game for this post (I’m only a couple of hours into the game at the time of writing), but discovering them has certainly made me even more interested in the game.
Well, I’ll be going back to the game now. After all, that Cat Café won’t build itself.

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  1. Paul-NL says:

    Great post! I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this game, but what I’ve read here, it definitely sounds like something I could get into 😀

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