ViVid Strike! Episode 10: When You Make the Whole World Your Enemy, You’re Left to Fight Alone

Our focus is on the fight that started at the end of episode 9. The combatants have some frustrations to take out, and this fight has been set up for exactly that reason. We also see some of the past of the two characters involved.


Fuka may have sent Rinne flying previously, but Rinne just gets back up.

During the fight, Rinne says that nobody understands how she feels. As Fuka states, that’s because she doesn’t tell anyone how she feels so nobody can understand.


This fight isn’t just a clash of fists; it’s a clash of ideals, too.

Blows are exchanged, but so are words. Rinne wants strength so she never has to lose anything again, whereas Fuka believes she was just running from her problems.


I’m with Harry on this one.

The fight continues, with both Fuka and Rinne seizing any opportunities they can to attack. Basically, anything that’s not showing a flashback or the spectators is their fight.


Both combatants get in some good hits.

Jill feels confident that Rinne’s strength will win out over Fuka’s explosive power. However, Fuka has a surprise up her sleeve.


Fuka is able to use both ancient and modern martial arts together

This takes Rinne by surprise, and the advantage swings back round to Fuka once more. It’s worth noting that Fuka was able to learn both with only four months of martial arts training. She is also blessed with the ability to move her body in any way she can visualise it, so she is able to mimic her friends’ varying styles.


This blow, and the resulting impact against the wall, breaks Rinne’s ribs or sternum.

Apparently Fuka’s fist is a ‘gift from god’ – something recognised by both Einhard and Sieglinde.


You know you have potential when someone of Sieglinde’s calibre acknowledges you.

Back to the fight, Rinne is determined to not lose. Despite her injuries and some of her side calling for an end to the fight, she gets back up. Jill decides to shoulder all responsibility and allows Rinne to continue.


Rinne’s a stubborn one.

Rinne dreamed of a world where her grandfather survived, and she didn’t stick out. It seems she blames herself for her grandfather’s death, but even if she hadn’t been the victim of bullying I really doubt there’s anything she could have done to prevent her grandfather’s fate. Unfortunately, she fails to see this, which is why this fight is happening.


Fuka and Rinne strike each other at the same time.

Fuka barely clings onto consciousness, which also means time for a flashback to when she first met Rinne.


Fuka and Rinne.

Fuka and Rinne first met in the orphanage, where they were often paired up due to similarities. Rinne noticed that Fuka didn’t smile, and so tried to get her to do just that. Fuka recalls that the warmth and kindness she felt from Rinne made her feel human. She’s fighting to take that back. However, Rinne wants Fuka to leave her alone if she wins – and she’s confident she can.


The future they’ll choose will be revealed in episode 11.

Jill doesn’t care if Rinne wins or loses – she just wants Rinne to come back to her. She feels responsible for the way Rinne has become due to the way she has raised her. The fight will only be settled by the paths the two girls chose to walk.

Ah, the old two friends fighting in the rain situation. Pretty common in anime, and you know that things are getting serious whenever this happens. It’s been a treat to see the results of Fuka’s training, though it’s been even better seeing Rinne getting punched. Though saying that, Rinne has also been holding her own too – she does have more experience than Fuka in the long run.
I’m looking forward to seeing how this fight ends, though I can assure you that I’m hoping it’ll be a victory for Fuka. However, this kind of battle feels like the type that will end with no winners. I’m going to hazard a guess that we’ll be seeing a double KO.

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