Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 43: Mother RaPaPa

A visit to the Fairy Village of the Magic World leads to some more lore being revealed. Of course, it is connected to the legendary magicians Pretty Cure.

Only after a few seconds of being in the Fairy Village, Kotoha undergoes a sudden change.


Kotoha reverts into a fairy.

Right after that, someone shows up. The new arrival is familiar with Chikurun, and is probably quite important considering her title.


The Queen of the Fairies

Though the Queen is happy to see Chikurun again, she also scolds him for his disappearing act. The opening sequence rolls after that, and we’re back to the regular animation – no more Maho Girls PreCure! movie spoilers now. Everyone sits down and eats, and Kotoha asks the Queen if she knows anything about her memory of a flower field.


She doesn’t know about the flowers, despite how long she’s been queen for.

The current Queen doesn’t know much, but there may be someone who does. This fairy is… well, take a look:


So what does that make her immediate predecessor?

Whilst the fairies and the girls eat, Oruba leafs through Dokurokushe’s book and decides to try out some of the dark magic within its pages. He even gets himself a willing volunteer.


A familiar-looking spider. Hmm…

Just as the Legend Queen is about to recount a tale from long ago, we see the headmaster having a discussion with Riko’s father. The latter had discovered Magic World runes in the No Magic World that were even older than those in the Magic World.


Long ago, humans, animals, fairies and spirits lived together in harmony.

Now we know the origin of the flower field that Kotoha kept seeing. At the heart of the land was a giant tree, from which Mother RaPaPa watched over everyone and gave her blessings.


Mother RaPaPa in all her glory.

Everything was peaceful, right up until a cataclysm opened and the never-ending chaos came forth. The name of this evil?


Let’s face it, it was only ever going to be our big bad.

Mother RaPaPa didn’t do nothing with the arrival of threat. No, she fought and sealed Deusmast’s servants.


This feels familiar…

She was able to send the never-ending chaos ‘beyond the rainbow’ – which apparently means into the sun. However, the battle took a toll on her and both she and the Mother Tree were sundered from the land.


It became a place you and I are very familiar with.

The Mother Tree drifted to the edge of space, with a new world eventually forming at its roots. No prizes for guessing what this new world was.


Thus we discover the Magic and No Magic Worlds use to be one and the same.

Whilst Kotoha questions her memory of the Sea of Flowers, the fairies and Cures are joined by a familiar foe.


Oruba brought Sparda back with dark magic.

Sparda gets the honour of calling forth the monster of the week this time around.


Our monster of the week is a Yokubarl.

It starts attacking the village, and Chikurun tries standing up to Sparda. He isn’t very successful. Of course, Kotoha also gets angry at Sparda for her actions – angry enough to go back to human form.


With Kotoha back to normal, it’s transformation time.


Sapphire Style

Sparda is surprised to discover that Kotoha is the Emerald Cure, as you’d expect. Cure Felice pretty much takes the spotlight for the Yokubarl fight, even bringing out her Emerald Reincarnation finisher which we haven’t seen for a while. When the Yokubarl is gone, Miracle, Magical and Felice use their Over the Rainbow finisher on Sparda.


Oruba almost immediately brings Sparda back.

Oruba and Sparda retreat, and the Legend Queen gets a chance to finish her tale. She says that one day the two worlds will be connected again, through a particular name of magic. The name of said magic:


The legendary magicians, Pretty Cure.

Once the Cures have heard everything from the Legend Queen, the Amethyst door appears before them once more. Before they go, Chikurun says farewell.


Bye, Chikurun.

I really enjoyed this episode. Anything that builds further on the lore we’ve had previously established is all right by me, particularly when it takes something that was hinted at before and confirms it. This case is the connection between the Magic and No Magic Worlds.
We also got a glimpse of where the Cures’ powers originated from, and maybe even perhaps the reason behind Kotoha’s memories of the Sea of Flowers. Could it be she’s a reincarnation of Mother RaPaPa? There’s plenty of evidence to suggest this is the case.
In the long run, I wonder which is superior – dark magic or mugic. I know mugic was supposed to be established as the next big threat after Dokurokushe’s dark magic, but I doubt Oruba would take as much interest in the dark magic as he has if it didn’t have any potential.
Regardless, this was definitely one of the better episodes of Maho Girls PreCure!. Let’s hope that this continues to be the case for the last few episodes.

Next time looks like it’ll be a Mofurun-centric episode, featuring some familiar faces and little kids.

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