Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 10: Black and White

Fav has announced a slight twist to the rules of the game, and this episode shows one particular group of magical girls carrying out their plans in response to this. Are you prepared for more tragedy?
This should go without saying, but there’ll be spoilers for this episode in this post. Consider yourselves warned.

We begin with a flashback, and considering this is Magical Girl Raising Project, we know what that means at this point. I’ll focus on that when the time comes, though.


Ako Hatoda visits her father in prison.

So it turns out that Ako’s father killed her mother, hence his imprisonment. She now lives with her aunt and uncle. She’s bullied at school because of her father’s actions Ako believes she’s just a burden. She was even contemplating suicide, but a certain white magical girl made her realise she wanted to live.


Snow White meets with Hardgore Alice.

Snow White apologises for misunderstanding Hardgore Alice at first, and also thanks her for saving her. She admits she needs to be with someone due to her weakness, and of course Hardgore Alice complies. However, after receiving Fav’s message that only four magical girls will survive, Snow White snaps and ends up having a go at Alice. As far as Snow White is concerned, there are no longer any magical girls left in the city. Alice thinks otherwise, though…


Swim Swim, I know what you’re planning, but if you could just like… not.

Ako has an encounter with Swim Swim on her way to school. Swim Swim doesn’t hesitate to attack her whilst surrounded by people. Magical girls who reveal their identity are stripped of their powers, so Ako is unable to transform. All she can do is run.


It’s ultimately pointless, though.

Being in human form, Ako’s powers aren’t activated. As such, there is no recovering from the wounds that Swim Swim deals to her. Before she fades away, her thoughts turn to Snow White – who happens to hear them. Strangely enough, Koyuki’s ability activates without being transformed.


Snow White finds Ako.

Snow White soon realises that Ako is Hardgore Alice, but there’s nothing she can do to save her. Ako’s final act is to hand the rabbit’s foot charm to Snow White once again.


Minael was the one who discovered Hardgore Alice’s identity.

By transforming into the rabbit toy that Hardgore Alice always carried, Minael was able to get into Ako’s home and discover her true identity. She relayed that information to Swim Swim, and we all saw how events unfolded after that. We also have a flashback featuring the twins Yuna and Mina Amasato, AKA Yunael and Minael – they were inseparable and practically impossible to tell apart.


A discussion between Fav and Cranberry has some revelations

So it seems that the MagiPro game was set up by the World of Magic in order to find magical girls with potential. It’s a kind of exam, though one that isn’t supposed to be as bloody as this one is – Cranberry’s influence was what shaped it. Fav says his report to the magical world will leave out the gory details. Cranberry has also grown interested in Swim Swim due to the number of magical girls she has killed. At the same time, Swim Swim contacts Cranberry.


Ripple feels that it was her fault that Top Speed was killed.

Ripple seems determined to make Swim Swim pay for her actions, but she’ll have to wait for that. Swim Swim, Tama and Minael approach Cranberry. Unfortunately, trying to stealthily approach someone who can her every little sound is a difficult task.


Minael’s shape-shifting ability doesn’t fool Cranberry.

Cranberry manages to injure Tama and kill Minael without so much as breaking a sweat. Swim Swim and Tama regroup. They discover the corpse of Mina, and Swim Swim quickly realises that Cranberry is behind them. She tells Tama that they’ll launch a pincer attack against their opponent.


Tama’s arm was injured.

We’ll have to wait to see how the rest of this encounter plays out, as this episode ends here.

This episode just seemed to fly by – it finished before I knew it. A sure sign I enjoyed it, even if yet another one of the characters I liked was murdered. For me, personally, Swim Swim is definitely up there for consideration of one of my favourite antagonists of this season.

With Top Speed and now Hardgore Alice killed by Swim Swim, this seems like it could be a catalyst for Snow White and Ripple teaming up, as we keep seeing teased in the opening sequence.
Defeating Swim Swim may be their goal, but that’s presuming she is able to survive her encounter with Cranberry. Swim Swim has been using the element of surprise to get the drop on the other magical girls, but she doesn’t have that with Cranberry.

Because Minael’s actions led to Hardgore Alice’s death, watching Cranberry kill her effortlessly was cathartic.

Tama’s done well to survive as long as she has (I guess Swim Swim is the reason), but I can’t help but feel she’ll be a casualty of the Cranberry vs. Swim Swim fight we’ll probably be seeing next time…

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1 Response to Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 10: Black and White

  1. Alane says:

    The Minael death was probably my favorite of the season so far. I was so disappointed Alice died. Just when Snow White had finally saved her life.

    Tama makes me really anxious.

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