FLIP FLAPPERS Episode 9: White Space

This episode of FLIP FLAPPERS involves a quarrel, as well as someone letting their emotions get the better of them. As to who does what, simply read on.


The third amorphous child

We begin by seeing Yayaka almost replaced by that lass up there. However, she convinces her superiors to give her one more chance, and thus ventures into Pure Illusion with the twins once more.


Papika and Cocona aren’t getting along.

After the end of the previous episode, Cocona isn’t best pleased with Cocona. Despite this, both girls are sent into Pure Illusion once more.


Pure Illusion this time around is an empty white space.

It doesn’t take long for them to spot the fragment, but Yayaka and the twins appear as well. The twins, Cocona and Bu-chan make a mad dash for the fragment.


Everyone except Papika and Yayaka get stuck in this hairball-looking thing.

With Papika and Yayaka outside, the latter has some frustrations to take out on the former.


Yayaka kick!

Inside the hairball, Cocona and the twins agree to a ceasefire until they find a way to escape. Also, the twins are called Toto and Yuyu. From inside, they can see Papika and Yayaka fighting.


Yayaka and Papika exhaust themselves

Yayaka came prepared and has some food. She’s willing to trade the amorphous for the food, but Papika won’t give it up.


Never underestimate a hungry Papika

Inside the hairball, those who are trapped observe Papika and Yayaka. The twins say that Papika is not concerned about Cocona at all, but they’re lying. Papika and Yayaka go back to fighting, though Papika makes her concern for Papika well and truly known to Yayaka.


This causes Yayaka to snap.

Yayaka says that she is the one that has been by Cocona’s side – Papika showed up, like, yesterday. We see a flashback of how the two first met.


Cocona and Yayaka first met in a hospital

Back to the present, Papika is determined to rescue Cocona. Cocona calls out her name when she sees Papika’s determination, and they are able to escape the trap.


Papika and Cocona reunited.

Papika and Cocona may be reunited, but Yayaka and the twins still have a mission. The twins pin Papika, whilst Yayaka confronts Cocona. They fight whilst surrounded by crystal that show Cocona and Yayaka together, before transitioning into showing Cocona with Papika. Yayaka is able to get the better of Cocona.


Yayaka can’t bring herself to take Cocona’s fragment.

The twins attack, causing Yayaka to protect Cocona. When they try again, Papika protects Cocona and Yayaka, injuring Toto in the process. Toto and Yuyu retreat.


Yayaka’s fate is uncertain…

The girls rush Yayaka back to FlipFlap, where they ask Dr. Hidaka and Sayuri to take care of her. After the credits, Papika begins to panic about the whereabouts of Mimi. Who is Mimi?papika-panicsThat brings this episode to an end. I continue to enjoy FLIP FLAPPERS a whole lot, and this episode had things taking a more serious turn. Poor Yayaka has suffered quite a lot, particularly with the relationship that has been developing between Papika and Cocona. It’ll be interesting to see what happens from her from this point forward, presuming she survives her injuries.
It was nice to see Cocona get over her anger at Papika with the whole Mimi thing, as well. Things are definitely the best when both Papika and Cocona are happy and together, even if it does mean that Yayaka won’t be happy… sorry, Yayaka.

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