Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 42: Plan Bee

In an episode that focuses on Chikurun, the Cures find themselves fighting another boss battle. It feels like it has been a while since they’ve done that.

We begin by seeing how Chikurun and Oruba first met.


Oruba caught Chikurun slacking.

Whilst the other bee fairies were working hard, Chikurun was lazing about. Oruba found him, and threatened to tell the queen. To avoid this, Chikurun began to follow his orders.


Oruba checks on Chikurun whilst Mirai and Mofurun gather honey.

Chikurun says he will steal the Linkle Stones. Shakince, on the other hand, believes that they should just crush PreCure sooner rather than later. With his plan, Chikurun is given the chance to prove himself.


Even outside of class, Liz acts like a teacher.

Liz teaches the girls how to make pudding, using some special ingredients.


Kotoha has no trouble cracking her egg with magic.

Liz and the girls all focus on the cooking, given Chikurun the perfect opportunity to take the Linkle Stones. He does have a couple of close calls with Mofurun, but ultimately he goes through with his plan.


Chikurun takes off with the Linkle Stones and Smartome.

Shakince shows up to collect the Linkle Stones from Chikurun. The Cures aren’t too far behind, so Shakince decides to take matters into his own hands.


Our monster of the week will be Shakince himself.

Just to make sure that the Cures are helpless, Shakince eats the Linkle Stones. However, Chikurun is able to recover the Linkle Smartome, and by extension, the Linkle Stones. With their transformation trinkets back in their hands, Mirai, Riko and Kotoha transform.


Topaz Style

As they fight, Shakince tells them that Chikurun is a traitor and they shouldn’t need to protect him. However, the Cures consider Chikurun a friend, despite what he did. These type of speeches tend to serve as a power-up for the Cures, and this time is no different.


For big problems, use a big hammer.

The Cures are able to defeat Shakince, and put an end to him for good with their Over the Rainbow finisher. Once Shakince is gone, Chikurun apologises profusely for what he done. They all end up eating pudding together, and another Linkle Stone is recognised.


The Amethyst is recognised.


Not much more to go now.

After that, one of the Linkle Stones reveals a doorway – it’s not the first time that has happened.


Where does this door lead?

Well, to find that out, we’ll have to wait until-


The Fairy Village

-now, apparently. However, the episode does end there.

I guess this episode was pretty much inevitable: the one where Chikurun’s connection with the enemy is revealed. The Cures seemed pretty nonchalant about it, though.
The fight against Shakince wasn’t too bad. It was great seeing Topaz Style in action once more, though I think Rabu’s final fight was better than Shakince’s.
Another episode where I don’t really have too much to say – it’s PreCure, and that’s it. Though if you’ve stuck with it for this long, then you know that already.

Next time we’ll see the Fairy Village. There might also be some kind of secret about the Magic World…

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