ViVid Strike! Episode 9: Build Up

Fuka Reventon has a fight in the Winter Cup before she can advance – whilst we do see how she gets on, that is not the focus of this episode.

We begin by seeing that Rinne hasn’t taken her second loss to Vivio very well.


Rinne’s just shut herself in her room.

Rinne gets to watch herself lose. Oh, and we also see how Fuka performed in her match.


Fuka fought Kate Parkway and claimed victory off-screen…

Though Rinne has sequestered herself away, she has a visitor.

Meanwhile, at the Nakajima Gym…


Einhard and Fuka are interviewed, as they’ll be facing each other in the Winter Cup

We also check in with Vivio – she dropped out of the Winter Cup due to the injuries she sustained fighting Rinne.


Vivio will be fine.

Back to Rinne, her visitor is someone who those are familiar with Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid will recognise.


Viktoria Dahlgrun

Viktoria has a word with Rinne, but it’s not enough to get her out of her mopiness – just yet, anyway.

At the hospital, Nove bumps into a familiar face.


Jill went to visit Vivio and give her some sweet treats.

Viktoria calls Jill and asks her to see Rinne, so she leaves before seeing Vivio. In the end, they still aren’t able to snap her out of her depression. However, Einhard has an idea…


Einhard wants Rinne to fight Fuka, as promised.

Einhard proposes that Rinne fights Fuka. If Rinne wins, she can then challenge Einhard for the Under-15 title and belt. Nove is taken aback by Einhard’s suggestion, but she ends up going along with it anyway. Ultimately, Rinne accepts.


Lutecia Alpine

Fuka and Rinne’s fight will be taking place at Hotel Alpine in Carnaaji – again, something else for those familiar with Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid. The match also catches the interest of someone else.


Under 19 World Champion Sieglinde Jeremiah

Of course, news about Fuka and Rinne’s match soon spreads.


Vivio is happy that Fuka and Rinne will finally be able to fight.

The day of the fight arrives, and everyone gathers together to watch.


Fuka prepares to take on Rinne.

This fight has no restrictions, allowing both combatants to fight until they’re satisfied. Rinne is first to make a move, and almost immediately downs Fuka.


Not a good start for Fuka…

Rinne turns her gaze towards Einhard, but it’s far too soon for that. Fuka gets back up and tells Rinne that she is weak, before launching an attack.


Rinne shouldn’t underestimate Fuka.

As for the rest of this fight, we’ll have to wait until next time to see how it unfolds.

This episode was pretty much set up for Fuka vs. Rinne, but I can’t help but be disappointed that Fuka’s fight against Kate Parkway happened off-screen. Seeing that fight would have been more fun than watching Rinne mope, that’s for certain.

The beginning of their fight was pretty good though, and with no restrictions on it, I look forward to seeing how it unfolds. It definitely seems like the fight could go either way.
Regardless, the victor of the match will be facing Einhard. I very much look forward to seeing her in action.

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