Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 9: Ninja and Witch

Let’s start this post with some good news: Yen Press will be licensing the Magical Girl Raising Project light novel for a summer 2017 release – I assume the others will follow on after that.
A big incident occurs in Nabuka City, which means a few of the magical girls gather together. Some concentrate on helping those in trouble, whilst others have ulterior motives…
Also, spoiler warning.

We begin by checking in on Nana, who is in the depths of despair after previous events.


Nana, wearing Shizuku’s scarf.

Ripple decides she no longer wants to run from Calamity Mary and chooses to face her in a fight.


Ripple confronts Calamity Mary.

Calamity Mary didn’t like the fact that Ripple showed no fear towards her when they first met. Whilst those two fight, Top Speed goes to help civilians.


Top Speed swears to get the baby to a hospital.

Ripple and Calamity Mary continue to fight, right up until Ripple steps on a land mine. She has no choice but to remain on the spot so the mine doesn’t explode, but Calamity Mary capitalises on the opportunity.


Ripple is cornered.

It appears that this is it for Ripple – two other magical girls who are helping out at the incident spot the explosion.


Snow White and Hardgore Alice wonder what caused the explosion.

However, they have no time to go and investigate as there are still plenty of innocent civilians who need help.


Top Speed prevents Ripple from succumbing to an explosive death.

Ripple knows that she has to defeat Calamity Mary, and even talks at length (for her, anyway) about what it means to her to be a magical girl. Whilst she’s giving her speech, we see Snow White and Hardgore Alice helping civilians.


Top Speed and Ripple attack Calamity Mary together

Calamity Mary changes her gun to one with more firepower, and is able to shoot Top Speed and Ripple out of the sky. They have a crash landing, but they’re both relatively unharmed. Ripple and Top Speed decide they have no choice but to attack their foe from head on.


Ripple kills Calamity Mary

Ripple and Top Speed land to ensure that Calamity Mary is dead – she is. Top Speed asks for a high five, and then collapses. There was another magical girl present, and she dealt a mortal wound to Top Speed.


Swim Swim slays Top Speed.

Snow White is able to hear Top Speed’s final thought, though she doesn’t realise who it is or what happened. Ripple, however, witnessed exactly who and what and as you might be able to imagine, she isn’t happy.


Ripple fights Swim Swim.

Though Ripple’s shuriken and blade find their target, they just slip through Swim Swim leaving her completely unharmed. Swim Swim doesn’t stick around for long, though. Once Swim Swim has retreated, Ripple goes to check on Top Speed – however, it’s too late.


…and now we know why she wanted to survive for six months.

As many of us had suspected, Top Speed was pregnant. Swim Swim ended not one, but two lives.

At the scene of the incident, Minael approaches Snow White and Hardgore Alice. Snow White naively believes that Minael is there to help out, but Hardgore Alice quickly realises the truth. She shoves Snow White aside.


Hardgore Alice just shrugs this off.

In case you forgot, Minael possesses the ability to transform into any non-sentient object. Of course, her attack on Hardgore Alice is useless. Whilst Hardgore Alice chases the Peaky Angel around with an exhaust pipe, Snow White is able to hear the thoughts of another magical girl approaching her.


Tama was supposed to launch a sneak attack on Snow White.

Honestly, even if Snow White didn’t hear Tama’s thoughts, I really doubt she’d have it in her to kill someone. With their sneak attack foiled, Minael and Tama retreat. Once they’re gone, Snow White asks Hardgore Alice why she saved her earlier.


I’ll ship it- no, wait, this is Magical Girl Raising Project. Something tragic is bound to happen…

Talking of tragedy…


Nana hangs herself with Shizuku’s scarf.

In the MagiPro chat room, Fav announces that Weiss Winterprison, Yunael, Calamity Mary, Top Speed and Sister Nana have all dropped out. This means there are now only 7 magical girls in Nabuka City. However…


The items the girls acquired have been using too much magic.

This news angers Ripple, whilst Swim Swim starts plotting who her next target should be. Ripple will prove to be a difficult fight, but she feels they can win against her. Swim Swim also considers Cranberry a possibility – after all, she hasn’t appeared much and therefore must be weak. Minael also returns after an absence, bearing news that there is one person they can kill. As for who that is – well, we’ll have to wait and see.

This episode had highs and lows, but all in all I think it was a particularly great episode of Magical Girl Raising Project. Ripple’s fights were definitely the highlight for me. We’ve had to wait to see her properly in action, but I definitely feel it was worth it.
It was fairly obvious that Top Speed was going to be killed sooner or later, but it was a surprise to see her survive the fight against Calamity Mary. Admittedly she didn’t survive for long after that fight thanks to Swim Swim, but I’m not going to complain about having my expectations subverted.
Swim Swim may have killed another character I like, but I just can’t bring myself to despise her. Taking into account her actual age and her tactics for surviving the game, she makes for a rather interesting antagonist. Though she seems to have the wrong impression of Cranberry.
Saying that, I would love to see those two fight – Cranberry’s sound manipulation might be the best way to fight an opponent who seems able to avoid taking any physical damage.
RIP Top Speed and Sister Nana. Not so much for Calamity Mary – she got what she deserved.

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