Rory’s 3DS Game of November 2016

I’ll be making this a short post, because I’m pretty eager to get back to playing this particular game. If you’re even vaguely aware of Nintendo’s 3DS release schedule, than it should be blindingly obvious what this game is.
Here’s another hint: this pair of games was released worldwide on the 18th November, except for in Europe. Us poor sods had to wait until the 23rd November to get our hands on them.

As you’ve probably guessed, Pokémon Sun and Moon are the games to which I’m referring – I chose to go with Moon.
The seventh generation of Pokémon games is set in the Alola region, where you’ll find four tropical islands and one artificial island. The goal of these games is to become the island challenge champion – there are no gyms to be found this time round.
As per tradition, you’ll also come up against an evil team – this time it is Team Skull. They’re Pokémon thieves, and generally people who are there to get defeated by a child who only recently started a Pokémon journey. I imagine the Team Skull members with actual names have bigger ambitions than stealing Pokémon in mind, but I’ve only completed the first trial at the time of writing this.

Island trials are what are effectively replacing gyms – you may be defeating a certain number of Pokémon, or perhaps taking pictures of Pokémon – the latter is one you do in the special demo you can download from the eShop. Through that demo, you can also get yourself a special Pokémon, but you’ll have to go through all that yourself to see what it is.
Totem Pokémon await at the end of the island challenges – basically powered up Pokémon you have to defeat to claim victory. You’ll also find island guardians – in fact, you encounter one during the opening act of the game. It’s fortunate you do as well, otherwise your adventure would come to a swift end.
In addition to Team Skull and island challenges, you’ll also come face-to-face with creatures known as Ultra Beasts. There’s also Alolan form Pokémon – older generation Pokémon with altered looks and types, as well as Z-moves; powerful special attacks that any Pokémon can use.

There’s many other things I could talk about here, but I’d rather play the game than type about it. As such, here’s a launch trailer from Nintendo UK:

With that all said and done, I’ll be venturing back to Alola to continue my quest. Oh, and if you’re curious, I chose Popplio as a starter. I traditionally choose the water type starter, and learning of its types when it’s fully evolved only further reinforced that choice for me.

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