Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 41: Magical Sleepover

It’s a return to the Magic World for episode 41 of Maho Girls PreCure!, since the trip there has become significantly shorter for some reason. Also makes for a good excuse for a sleepover, as this episode demonstrates.


The girls arrive at the Magic Academy before they know it.

With the decreased journey time, Mirai, Riko and Kotoha have been travelling back and forth between the Magic and No Magic Worlds. They’ve been attending afternoon classes at the Academy.


Chikurun reports to Oruba.

Oruba mentions that Deusmast’s true power will be revealed soon, so we’ve got that to look forward to.

Magic classes.jpg

Attending class – the deputy head is the teacher for this one.

They also have classes where they are taught by Isaac and Liz. The girls continue to travel between Worlds on a daily basis, eventually deciding to stay at the Magic Academy dorm when they have a day off from non-magic school.


Jun has been using Mirai and Riko’s dorm as a storehouse for her art.

Jun suggests that they hold a sleepover in her room – naturally, Kei and Emily join in with this as well. The deputy head can’t help but feel there’ll be trouble, whilst the headmaster reminisces on his time spent with Kushi.


The headmaster and Kushi in their younger years.

Mirai, Riko, Mofurun, Chikurun, Kei and Emily arrive in Jun’s room, ready for a sleepover. However, the bed isn’t big enough for everyone – at least it’s not until Kotoha uses a little magic.


Kotoha makes the bed take up most of the room.

The girls eat snacks and play games, even past lights out. Of course, this wouldn’t be a boarding school without at least one of the teachers patrolling the corridors at night, and that’s exactly what happens.


The deputy head patrols the dorm.

Pretty standard stuff here – the deputy head hears noises coming from Jun’s room, but when she checks in the girls pretend to be sleeping. Once the coast is clear, the girls do a couple impressions of the teachers, and play a card game. Jun also gives Riko a late birthday present – turns out it’s a prank.


There was also an actual present in the box

Whilst Jun, Kei and Emily sleep, Mirai and Riko think fondly back on previous experiences with the Magic Academy and how they were able to befriend everyone. They also happen to catch a glimpse of someone outside – the headmaster.

The headmaster searches for anything that Kushi may have left behind after Dokurokushe’s defeat, but he doesn’t have much luck. Mirai, Riko and Kotoha follow him, but they’re not the only ones who show up.


Oruba appears before the headmaster.

When Mirai and the others find the headmaster and Oruba, the latter summons a Donyokubarl to keep the girls occupied.




Ruby Style

Whilst the Cures tackle the Donyokubarl in their usual fashion, Oruba goes elsewhere and retrieves an interesting item.


Remember this?

The Donyokubarl is defeated, but Oruba takes a moment to show off his new tome to the headmaster and the Cures before retreating. The headmaster recognises it as Kushi’s tome, though he is unsure as to why Oruba wants it.

They all head back to the Magic Academy. Jun, Kei and Emily fly out to greet Mirai, Riko and Kotoha and they then decide that they should fly to the moon.


To the moon!

No Linkle Stones were recognised by the spirits this week, but we did get some plot advancement – it’s a small thing, but Oruba obtaining Kushi’s tome will probably lead to some interesting stuff.As far as this episode goes, it was pretty much standard sleepover stuff – plus the typical magical girl action you’d expect from PreCure. Honestly, I don’t really have much else to say about this episode – it wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t terrible, either.Things look to get more interesting next time, as the Cures potentially have a boss battle waiting for them.

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