Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 8: Another Bloody Mess

There’ll be spoilers for this episode in this post – we have another episode where some quite major events take place. The previous episode had Calamity Mary arrange a meeting with Ripple, whilst Sister Nana and Weiss Winterprison approached Swim Swim.
Let’s take a look at what happened.


Sister Nana and Weiss Winterprison confronted Calamity Mary in the past.

Sister Nana and Winterprison quickly learned that ticking Calamity Mary off is a bad idea. Thanks to Winterprison’s ability, they are able to escape from her unharmed.

In the present day, Sister Nana and Winterprison approach Swim Swim’s hideout. Swim Swim watches as they approach, and we get a flashback featuring Ruler.


The Peaky Angels realise mentioning Calamity Mary in front of Ruler was a good way to get her angry.

Sister Nana and Winterprison approach Swim Swim and inform her of their alliance with Snow White and Hardgore Alice. However, Swim Swim has other plans.


Swim Swim sets her plan in motion, with a little help from Yunael

Winterprison ends up dropping her guard, and suffers for it.


This isn’t enough to stop Winterprison, though.

Using her ability, Winterprison forces Sister Nana out of the building and traps the Peaky Angels and Swim Swim. The Peaky Angels make the mistake of transforming back into their original forms – which is very bad news for Yunael, who took on Sister Nana’s form.


Mere moments before Winterprison slams Yunael into the wall.

Swim Swim may be down a subordinate, but she’s not giving up the fight. That halberd she acquired earlier on proves its worth here.


Swim Swim severed Winterprison’s arm.

And for anyone who was hoping that Winterprison would survive this encounter, here’s the final nail in the coffin: a flashback.


Why can’t we ever have nice things?!

Nana got Shizuku a scarf for her birthday, and that’s the reason she had one in her magical girl form. Also, Nana was the one who came up with the name ‘Weiss Winterprison’.


Here’s the aftermath of the battle – not a pretty sight.

Swim Swim was only concerned with surpassing Ruler, but she feels that Ruler would have done better in this situation.

All right, that’s enough death and gore for the moment. How about we raise another death flag for Top Speed?


Tsubame Murota – AKA Top Speed

Top Speed seems to have quite the stable life – outside of MagiPro, anyway. It sure would be a shame if something were to happen…

All right, that’s enough happiness. We’ve had death and gore… how about some gloom? I wonder how Nana is holding up after what happened with Swim Swim.


Not too well from the looks of it.

After quickly checking in with Ripple and Top Speed, who are en route to meet with Calamity Mary, we’re shown a little of Calamity Mary’s past.


Naoko Yamamoto was not a good person.

Before she became Calamity Mary, Naoko Yamamoto was an alcoholic. She abused her kid, resulting in her partner and child leaving her. Fav decided that her personality would make her an ideal magical girl – she’d cause friction. It seems that Calamity Mary has a transformation phrase – probably not entirely necessary, but it might suggest something about her idea of what it means to be a magical girl.


Top Speed used to be in a biker gang.

It seems that Ripple is a little envious of Top Speed being able to claim she lives a normal life – it was her friend’s brother who set her on the straight and narrow. Before Top Speed can say what her relationship with her friend’s brother is now, Calamity Mary attacks.


Ripple possesses some keen reflexes.

Ripple says that they should fight, but Top Speed chooses to escape instead. Calamity Mary pursues them, and decides the best option would be to do something that will cause them to come back.


Calamity Mary starts sniping at cars, causing several explosions.

A flashback to a conversation between Snow White and Hardgore Alice reveals that the latter’s ability means the larger portions of her body heal first. I also enjoyed the way Hardgore Alice confirmed that she did, indeed, have her head lopped off. Hardgore Alice asks to meet Snow White again.


Calamity Mary’s actions soon gain the attention of the other magical girls.

Calamity Mary snipes a human, but decides it’s more fun to shoot cars – presumably due to the big explosions she causing. Of course, the things that are most fun to shoot are magical girls.


Snow White and Hardgore Alice head out together.

Whilst other magical girls are rescuing those in need, Swim Swim tells her group they should attack them. Fav suggests that his master, Cranberry, should go as well, since it’ll be fun for her. It seems that Cranberry will be targeting Winterprison’s killer.

Whew, that was quite an episode. I’m not happy to see Winterprison kick the bucket, but I will admit it was satisfying watch her crush Yunael.
I still like Swim Swim, though. Yes, she did kill a character I would’ve preferred to see survive, but she’s demonstrating just how scary she can be. Also, I would say that she has surpassed Ruler, particularly with the sacrifice she made to get the invisibility cloak for Tama. I don’t think Ruler would have ever done something like that for her subordinates.
Calamity Mary deserves kudos for setting something quite major into motion. Despite that, I do want to see her defeated. She wasn’t a nice person before becoming a magical girl, and she remained a not nice person even afterwards.

This episode was pretty tense, and I imagine the mucky stuff is really going to hit the fan next time. Let’s see:
– Calamity Mary caused a huge incident whilst targeting Top Speed and Ripple
– Snow White and Hardgore Alice are on their way to help the injured
– Swim Swim and her remaining subordinates intend to target those who want to help the injured
– Cranberry is interested in Winteprison’s killer

So we’ve potentially got a gathering of all the remaining magical girls (except Sister Nana, possibly). Well, I guess all bets are off for the next episode. That’s the impression I’m getting, anyway.

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1 Response to Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 8: Another Bloody Mess

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Yeah, things are about to get preeeeetty insane I’m thinking. The real battle royale likely starts here. Find it amusing how “getting candies” is barely even on anyone’s mind at this point. It’s just become an all out survival game. Just as Fab wanted, of course.

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