ViVid Strike! Episode 7: Passion for Martial Arts vs. Thirst for Power

The Winter Cup continues in ViVid Strike!, and this episode focuses on Einhard’s first match and Vivio’s second match. Might as well just dive straight in and see how both girls get on.


Rinne may have won against Miura, but she’s frustrated by the way the fight went.

Rinne resolves to keep winning matches, no matter what. We are also shown how Miura is after the fight – knowing people who can use healing magic turns out to be quite convenient.


Ixy heals Miura.

With Miura in an ambulance on the way to hospital, the final match of the D block can begin.


Janice Goat


Einhard Stratos

Janice has the misfortune of being a side character going up against a main character, so I’m sure you can guess how the battle unfolds. That brings a conclusion to the first day of the Winter Cup.


The girls visit Miura in the hospital.

Miura will recover in due time, which her friends are relieved to hear. She regrets that she couldn’t keep her promise, but has a solution for that: she entrusts it to Vivio.


All I’m saying is that Vivio better not lose after accepting Miura’s promise.

After the visit, the girls leave the hospital. Vivio decides to go back to the gym for some night time training, whilst Einhard and the other girls go to review footage of the fighters. This leaves Vivio at the Nakajima Gym with just Nove. This leads to both groups reminiscing about past events – stuff I’m fairly certain is covered in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid.


Vivio is determined to beat Rinne.

The day of Vivio and Rinne’s fight arrives. Of course, this is another prime match and it is the second time the two girls have fought. Vivio was able to claim victory the first time, but will she be able to repeat that success?


Vivio Takamachi


Rinne Berlinetta

With the two girls ready, the match starts. Vivio seems to quickly gain the advantage, pummelling Rinne. However, Rinne is able to turn that around, at least for a short while.


Vivio breaks out of Rinne’s attack and downs her.

With Rinne down, Vivio declares her intention to win the match, as well as her trust in Fuka to win. She has one more thing to say to Rinne before the episode ends.


Vivio wants to befriend Rinne.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until episode 8 to see how the rest of this fight unfolds. I really want to see Vivio win, but I think it could go either way. No matter who wins, it is Fuka that they’ll be facing next. The mention of a match being arranged between Fuka and Rinne if they don’t face each other might be a clue as to who will win this match, but I can’t say for sure whether that will be the case.

Whilst Vivio vs. Rinne was the main attraction of this episode, it was fun briefly seeing Einhard in action. Here’s hoping that Einhard’s next opponent can actually put up a half decent fight…

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