Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 40: Happy Birthday Riko

As Maho Girls PreCure! hits the 40 episode mark, it’s time for a family gathering as Riko celebrates her birthday. Her birthday is on November 12th, so that’s the date this episode takes place.

The episode begins with a cooking programme – and the person on that programme is someone Riko recognises very well. She then shows up on the doorstep of Mirai’s home.


After 40 episodes, we are introduced to Riko’s mother, Lilia.

Lilia starts making a cake for Riko’s birthday, and a couple more familiar faces show up to join the celebrations.


Liz and Riko’s father.

As it turns out, Riko isn’t too keen on birthday parties.


L and R are the same, right?

It’s quite a spectacle and draws attention, hence the reason Riko does not enjoy her birthday.


No Magic World birthday parties don’t typically look like this.

Riko’s father is curious about the Linkle Stones and spirits. He hasn’t said anything about Riko being a Cure to Liz or her mother, though that does result in a scramble to hide evidence of that when the pair approach.


Totally nothing going on here.

Lilia uses the Linkle Stones as cake decorations, and almost reveals the existence of magic to the muggles. Riko manages to stop her, though. Whilst eating cake, Riko’s family give her presents.


Liz gives Riko and Everflowing Fountain Pen


Riko’s father gives her a rock.


Riko’s mother’s annual tradition is to read her this story.

It’s a fairy tale about two worlds that were separated, but end up reunited thanks to two girls.


Two rather familiar looking girls.

Elsewhere, we check in with a couple of the enemy generals.


I guess the other servants aren’t as important as the ones we’ve been introduced to.

Shakince also decides to make a move.

After the party, it’s time to tidy up. Lilia encourages Riko to use magic in the No Magic World, despite being told not to do so. It does make tidying things easier, though. Also, we discover the distance between the Magic and No Magic Worlds has decreased, which leads to an eager Mirai deciding that they should travel back and forth between the two much more.


Shakince shows up and warps the girls to wherever this is.


Here’s this week’s Donyokubarl.

Time for a transformation sequence.


Diamond Style

Before the battle gets started, Shakince shows the Cures a glimpse of his master.


Deusmast, who effortlessly destroys planets.

After the brief introduction to Deusmast, the fight begins. During the battle, Cure Magical backtracks on her dislike of birthdays. Naturally, she appreciates being able to celebrate with her family.


The spirit recognises the Tanzanite.

Magical uses the Tanzanite to dispel Shakince’s mugic, and then Felice attacks with the Pink Tourmaline. The rest of the battle progresses as usual, ending with the Over the Rainbow finisher and Shakince retreating.


Another point added to this magic circle

The day comes to an end, and Riko’s family prepares to depart.


Riko thanks them for her birthday celebration before they go.

Finally, Mirai and Kotoha have one more present for Riko.


Happy birthday, Riko!

This was a pretty fun episode that celebrate Riko’s birthday. I liked seeing all of her family gathered together, even if we did have to wait almost all of the series to see that happen. Riko’s favourite story was pretty cute, too.

This episode also marked the Cures’ first introduction to Deusmast. I’m sure they’ll be encountering him face-to-face later on, but for now they’re aware of just what kind of power Shakince’s master possesses.
I am curious about the other servants of Deusmast that Oruba keeps mentioning – I’ve said before, but it feels like it’s too late for them to play any important roles. If I had to hazard a guess, they’ll possibly be sacrifices for restoring Deusmast’s full power. Only time will tell, though.

Next time, it’s back to the Magic Academy once more.

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