Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 7: New Alliance

First things first, there’ll be spoilers in this post. Consider yourselves warned.
After Snow White’s encounter last time, we see how she is doing – and we get the usual jumping around of perspectives, too.


Koyuki finds herself in possession of the Rabbit’s Foot item.

Koyuki wakes from the nightmare of her encounter with Magicaloid 44 and Hardgore Alice – only to discover proof that those events did actually happen. She’s pretty shaken up, as you can probably imagine. Fav informs her that Hardgore Alice was the one who bought the item, and as such Koyuki wants to return it. She tries to get Fav to do that for her, but Fav insists she should do it directly.


Shizuku and Nana mourn the loss of their fellow magical girls.

Shizuku realises that La Pucelle’s death was no accident, though she doesn’t share that with Nana.


It seems that Swim Swim has plans for Sister Nana and Weiss Winterprison…

Swim Swim seems to consider Sister Nana and Weiss Winteprison her enemies, and starts coming up with something to deal with them. Whatever it is, it seems likely it will be underhanded.


Calamity Mary tries to contact Magicaloid 44

When Fav tells Calamity Mary that Magicaloid is no more, she figures out right away that she was killed. Since Magicaloid was acting on her orders, Calamity Mary decides to track down the person responsible – after striking a deal with Fav to find out just who that person is.


Calamity Mary wastes no time.

Unfortunately, Calamity Mary lets her guard down and ends up discovering just what Hardgore Alice’s ability is. Alice gets back up to fight several times, leaving Calamity Mary to resort to some rather extreme methods to keep her down.


In the end, Calamity Mary sends Hardgore Alice to sleep with the fishes.

Fav relays the news of Magicaloid 44’s death to everyone – he says she was killed by a slasher. That’s the only death he announces, though.


Calamity Mary seems to have found something funny.

After the eyecatch, featuring the Peaky Angels, it’s time for a flashback. This one focuses on Kano – that would be Ripple.


The boys accuse Kano of being a whore, because her mother has been with many different men.

Things didn’t improve for Kano as she got older, either.


This girl gets punched for pretty much the same reason as the boy before.

Her home life wasn’t too great. Poor Kano had to go through a lot.


This scum peeps on Kano changing.

Eventually it becomes too much for Kano to deal with, so she decides to go live on her own – not without kicking the dirty old man in his face, though.


Snow White meets with Sister Nana.

Sister Nana and Weiss Winterprison meet with Snow White and they decide to form an alliance in the wake of the loss of La Pucelle and Magicaloid 44. There’s one other magical girl who joins them as well.


Hardgore Alice is certainly a stubborn one.

Sister Nana and Weiss Winterprison depart, and Snow White tries to ditch Hardgore Alice. She isn’t able to. Snow White does tries to return the Rabbit’s Foot.


She wants to give it Snow White, just because she feels like it.

Elsewhere, Ripple and Top Speed watch over a fountain, and then get into a discussion about their ages.


Ripple is 17 and Top Speed is 19.

Calamity Mary requests to meet with Ripple, but Ripple isn’t so enthusiastic. However, it seems that Top Speed is able to convince her by bringing up her desire to live six more months – though she still isn’t saying why.


Swim Swim waits for Sister Nana and Weiss Winterprison

The last scene of this episode shows Sister Nana and Weiss Winterprison being spied upon by Swim Swim – I guess we’ll have to see what her plan is in the next episode.

You can definitely consider me a fan of Hardgore Alice now – she may just prove to be an invaluable ally to Snow White.
Calamity Mary also got the spotlight in this episode – her fight against Hardgore Alice was impressive, particularly with the varied methods she used to try and kill her. Alice’s resilience proved to be more impressive though – it seems the only way to defeat her is to ensure she has the least Candies at the end of a week. I think a few of the magical girls will be taking more direct methods to eliminate each other though, so Hardgore Alice might just prove to be immortal for the time being.

Kano’s backstory revealed where the hate for her mother stems from, and quite frankly I don’t blame her for reacting in the way she did to those various circumstances.
With Ripple’s upcoming meeting with Calamity Mary, I definitely have some concern about what will happen there. Ripple is my favourite of the magical girls – I won’t be best pleased if she’s killed off.
I would also like to see both Sister Nana and Weiss Winterprison survive – those two are great together, and I couldn’t imagine them apart. Things might not go so well if Swim Swim gets a say, though…

There’s definitely been an improvement over these last few episodes with this series. With this episode, I now feel that I can safely say that this is putting up strong competition against FLIP FLAPPERS as my favourite anime of this season.


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2 Responses to Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 7: New Alliance

  1. cirno9fan says:

    I also became a fan of Hardgore Alice after this. Really, she’s my favorite all of a sudden. Sadly, I don’t see her making it to the end, her ability is far too op. ;_;

    The clock is counting down on Top Speed….I wonder what her real life self looks like?

    • Rory says:

      I don’t know, I reckon Hardgore Alice will survive to the end because of her ability – we’re pretty much past the point of the girls being eliminated by not having enough Candy. After seeing what Calamity Mary did to her, it would have to take something pretty spectacular to take Hardgore Alice out of the running.
      The sad thing is, we’ll probably only be shown Top Speed’s real self if she does die. I’m curious about that too, but I’m dreading the reveal.

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