FLIP FLAPPERS Episode 6: Nail Polish

In this week’s episode of FLIP FLAPPERS, we learn some more about the artist student who previously had tea with Cocona. Of course, there’s also a trip into Pure Illusion, as well.


Papika and Cocona continue to gather fragments.

Cocona is curious about the number of fragments that they need to collect, but all Salt tells them is that they need to get every last one in Pure Illusion. He doesn’t say much else on the matter, though.


Cocona has this dream again

Cocona wakes up the next morning, and her grandmother tells her that she will be there if she ever wants to talk about anything.


Cocona can rely on her grandmother

Things shift to the school, where Papika and Cocona have just finished a home ec class in which they made cookies.


The artist girl invites the other two for some tea

Papika isn’t too eager to enter the room, as it stinks of nail polish – the artist used some in her painting. Cocona convinces her to enter in the end, though.


Papika got her nails painted.

Back at FlipFlap, Papika shows off her nails, only to have Sayuri wash the nail polish off much to her dismay. A couple of transformation sequences later, Papika and Cocona are back in Pure Illusion and fighting to claim another fragment.


Papika and Cocona claim victory, but it is Yayaka who claims the spoils.

Papika manages to get the fragment back from Yayaka, but they then fall and find something rather interesting.


Some kind of entrance

Papika and Cocona end up going through the doorway thing, even though Yayaka tries to warn them not to.


This is why you never go through strange doorways.

Papika and Cocona end up separated, and then our focus switches to a young girl called Iro and an old woman that she is particularly close to.


Iro enjoys drawing, but was told her pictures were weird

‘Auntie’, as Iro calls her, tells Iro that her drawings are good and she pretty much should pay no heed to those who call them weird. Iro gives her drawing to the woman, and starts spending time at her place. There is one point where the woman paints her nails. Oh, and then there’s a reminder that we’re still in Pure Illusion.


So both Papika and Cocona are Iro.

Papika and Cocona go back to being themselves when they are spat out of the doorway back into Pure Illusion. Well, sort of – they both insist that they are Iro. Yayaka decides to leave them alone.


Yayaka departs, but not without the fragment.

Papika and Cocona decide to go back into the doorway.


It seems that the old woman is becoming forgetful…

Iro ends up waiting for the old woman at her house, but she doesn’t show up – it is her parents (I presume) who find her. Turns out the old woman is in the hospital. As you’d expect, Iro goes to visit her.


Iro is upset by this.

Iro runs out of the hospital, and decides she want to switch with Iro.


Iro hugs it out with Iro.

So it turned out that the old woman gave Iro a gift of nail polish earlier on, and made her promise to tell her her name if she ever forgets it. Cocona still has the nail polish, and remembering that, she and Papika go back once more.


This sparks the old woman’s memory.

Papika and Cocona return to the real world where they are happy to have Iro remembered. They have one last piece of business before the episode ends, and that’s speaking to Irodori Iroha.


Their senpai, and the artist girl, is Irodori Iroha.

This was quite an interesting episode of FLIP FLAPPERS. I liked the use of colours in this episode – you could tell which girl was currently Iro by the use of the blue or the yellow. What isn’t clear is the connection between Irodori Iroha and Pure Illusion – there must have been some reason Papika and Cocona went to her past. Perhaps we’ll get an answer to that in a future episode.

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3 Responses to FLIP FLAPPERS Episode 6: Nail Polish

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Beginning to think they might be Iro’s personality split in two. Similar to how Regina and Aguri were born. And these “fragments” are her memories/etc. Yaya is trying to collect them because it will make Iro whole again, who was her close friend. But now because of whatever happened, she’s not the same, and doesn’t really remember the time she had with Yaya.

    A crazy theory, I know xD

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