Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 6: DLC

Some pretty big events go down in this episode, so here’s the pre-post warning:
This post will contain spoilers for Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 6. With that warning out of the way, let’s take a look at what happens.


We begin with an introduction to Makoto Andou.

Makoto became the magical girl Magicaloid 44. This scene shows us the circumstances she was in right up until she became a magical girl.


Cranberry challenges La Pucelle

Going back to where episode 5 left off, we get to see La Pucelle fight Cranberry. It’s a violent and bloody battle, with both fighters managing to strike some decent blows. La Pucelle wants to be the ideal magical girl, whilst Cranberry just wants to kill strong opponents.


Cranberry proves to be a fearsome foe.


La Pucelle lands an attack.

We’ll see how that battle concluded shortly, but first Fav has an announcement to make.


New items were added to MagiPro – there’s only one of each, so it’s first come, first serve.

There are two other announcements from Fav.


Due to dying in an ‘accident’, La Pucelle has dropped out.

That’s one more magical girl gone, but one the bright side none of the others need to worry about not having enough candies for this week.

Following on from that is an interesting conversation between Cranberry and Fav, which strongly suggests Cranberry has something to do with setting up the survival game. Fav also calls Cranberry ‘Master’…

Snow White is able to surmise that La Pucelle was actually killed when she talks to Fav. Since she has nobody protecting her now, Fav tries to convince her to purchase one of the newly added items – the price is just the displayed number of years subtracted from your lifespan.


Snow White’s hesitance means she misses out.

We do see who got the various items – Swim Swim’s group got three of them. Interestingly enough, Swim Swim sacrificed 25 years of her life, but traded the item to Tama for the weapon – which Swim Swim names ‘Ruler’.


Calamity Mary acquired one of the other items.

Magicaloid 44 had no interest in trading her life away, as she never wanted to become a magical girl in the first place. Calamity Mary feels fairly confident that Magicaloid 44 will betray her at any given moment, so she gives her a task to earn her trust: kill someone.


Top Speed isn’t called that for nothing.

It’s a fairly small scene with Top Speed and Ripple, and all we really learn is that Top Speed is very keen to survive another six months. The reason why hasn’t been revealed yet.


Hardgore Alice approaches Snow White…


…and almost immediately loses her head.

The person responsible?


Magicaloid 44 – she managed to produce a useful item.

Just to be safe, Magicaloid 44 decides to kill Snow White as well – she figures that Calamity Mary would probably approve of that.


Clearly someone disapproves of Magicaloid 44’s plan.


Here’s the killer – some information revealed earlier in the episode allows for an educated guess as to who this person is.

That brings the episode to an end, and what an episode it was. The fight between La Pucelle and Cranberry was pretty great. As for La Pucelle’s death; I won’t miss her. If anything, I’ve come to appreciate Cranberry more as an antagonist after this and the previous episode.

Swim Swim has also earned even more respect. She made quite a major sacrifice, all for providing Tama with an item that goes well with her ability. Judging by the fact she took the weapon for herself, it seems that she intends to fight. Just who it is she’ll be fighting I’m not sure, but I look forward to seeing that.

Then there’s the final scene of this episode. Snow White has found out in the worst possible way just what being a magical girl means in her world. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that she’s broken in the next episode – she experienced a lot of trauma in a short space of time.

With the past couple of episodes, Magical Girl Raising Project has really started delivering on what I expected it to be. Here’s hoping we get to see more bloody and violent battles as the magical girls fight for survival – and that the characters I like get to survive.


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2 Responses to Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 6: DLC

  1. cirno9fan says:

    My interest was really waning in the show until this episode. I feel like we’re finally into proper “death game” status now, and I am really excited to see what’s next.

    Cranberry is definitely pretty great, and I’ve been liking Swim Swim for a while now. Obviously, before this there were other games held, but looks like this time Cranberry has created something that made Fab want to host the game in this area.

    I’m really fearing for Top Speed. I don’t see her living. She has way too much dependence on the ability to “run away”. Her flags are raising all over the place. It’s only a matter of time ;_;

    I’m almost 90% positive that Alice Gore is NOT out to kill Snow White. Hopefully Snow White realizes this, and doesn’t attack what could be quite the ally. Course, Snow White NEEDS to learn to protect herself and stop being completely dependent.

    • Rory says:

      I’d like to see Top Speed survive as well, but I share your fears.
      I reckon Hardgore Alice might be one of the people Snow White helped out previously, which is why she knows about the ‘white magical girl’. As such, it seems likely that they’ll be forming an alliance.

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