FLIP FLAPPERS Episode 5: qrE3TInqs

Well, this episode of FLIP FLAPPERS was certainly an experience. It takes us back into Pure Illusion, and well… let’s just take a look.

At the beginning of this episode, we learn that Papika and Cocona have had a couple more encounters with Yayaka and the twins, and they keep losing fragments to them.


Sayuri tells Papika and Cocona the magic word to activate their transformations.

Papika and Cocona go into Pure Illusion once more, and they end up in a Pure Illusion version of their school. It seems to be caught in an endless downpour, and there’s a familiar face waiting for them there.


It’s Yayaka.

Yayaka pulls a disappearing act rather quickly, leaving Cocona and Papika to explore the place. I have to say, FLIP FLAPPERS does an impressive job of creating a spooky atmosphere here.


Oh boy, here we go…

After screaming in terror and failing to transform, Papika and Cocona flee up to the school roof. Things don’t get any less creepy, though…


FLIP FLAPPERS gets quite dark in this episode.


I feel that FLIP FLAPPERS can turn its hand to any genre…

Both Papika and Cocona collapse, and then wake up in a bath together. Those girls who ‘qrE3Ted’ them earlier bring them towels and a change of uniform.


Bu-chan also shows up, and I’m sure the two female symbols there are significant.


Continuing that train of thought, look at all the lilies.


Papika sucks Cocona’s finger after she pricks herself with a needle.


There’s a fair amount of hand holding, too.

During the night, Yayaka stops by and she and Cocona go out to talk.


Yayaka reveals that they’re stuck in a time loop


They’re watching… always watching…

When the next loop starts, Cocona tells Papika what she learned from Yayaka and they turn their attention back to finding the fragment. They end up stumbling upon Yayaka and the twins.


Yayaka tells Papika and Cocona to not follow them.

Papika and Cocona follow Yayaka, and they end up in a place that looks like it could be a level ripped straight from a Castlevania game.


It’s a clock tower.

With the fragment within reach, Papika transforms. Cocona also attempts to do so, but she isn’t very successful.


Cocona and Yayaka end up in a bind.

Papika saves the pair of them. Cocona transforms and is able to put an end to the time loop.


Is time broken? Use a hammer.

Cocona is able to claim the fragment, and then the world starts collapsing around them. When Papika and Cocona are unable to return, Yayaka steps in and brings them back to their school in the real world. Yayaka doesn’t want to owe anyone any favours. She does tell Cocona to hand over the fragment, but she refuses. Yayaka and the twins leave after that.

So FLIP FLAPPERS went with a horror twist this time around. I’m really enjoying the way it’s jumping around different genres, and the some of the things (such as the lilies) used in this episode give off hints of Yurikuma Arashi
I think they managed to nail the atmosphere for this episode, with the low lighting, creepy students and constant pouring rain. Even as all that creepiness goes on around them, it’s nice seeing Papika and Cocona continue to grow close to each other.
I very much look forward to seeing what FLIP FLAPPERS will try next – it’s totally unpredictable, and I love that.

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