Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 39: All Hallows’ Eve

Over the past week, there’s been a few news stories concerning PreCure. First, a new trademark was filed, which potentially revealed the name of the next season – I’ll be waiting for the official announcement before sharing anything here.
Next, the franchise will be getting its first 3D holographic event in December, being held at the DMM VR Theatre in Yokohama – it will be called Everyone Assemble! PreCure Festival PreCure on Miracle Magical ☆ Stage. It will feature 44 PreCure characters, including those from Maho Girls PreCure!.
Then there’s also the next crossover film, which won’t bear the All Stars title. Instead, it will be called PreCure! The Movie: Dream Stars!.
With all that out of the way, let’s focus on the 39th episode of Maho Girls PreCure! – the Hallowe’en episode.


The Magic Academy students are taking a trip to the No Magic World.

Since Hallowe’en is upon us, it’s the perfect time for the magicians of the Magic Academy to visit the No Magic World without standing out like a sore thumb. The students have many questions about Hallowe’en for Mirai and Riko, though it’s a case of them just having to wait and see.


The Hallowe’en festival

Riko is eager to share her knowledge of Hallowe’en, at least until Jun reveals she knows a little bit from what she read in a guidebook.


Mirai’s mother, Kyoko, has dressed up – both Francois and Kotoha are big fans.

There are some trick-or-treaters, and Mirai’s grandmother meets with the Magic Academy once more. Mofurun also expresses a desire to dress up as well, but Chikurun can only laugh at the idea.


Even Mofurun wants to see Mofurun become a Cure.

Chikurun may laugh, but Kotoha says that it can definitely happen. She calls Mirai and Riko over, and uses a little magic.costumescure-mofurunmofurun-kotohaAfter the costume changes, it cuts to Sharkince and Benigyo discussing Oruba’s theory about the Cures’ connection to something. Oruba is nowhere to be seen, and Benigyo decides waiting around is getting them nowhere.

Back at the festival, the girls go explore the stalls and a couple more familiar faces show up.


Mayumi and Kana

They go to the crepe stall together, which is being run by the other students of Tsunagi First Middle School.mummy-kotohasphinx-kotohaThe Magic Academy students volunteer to lend a hand to the No Magic World students. Chikurun scoffs at the idea of people from different worlds getting along. In the end, the Magic Academy students try to use magic to help.


Things don’t go too well

The deputy head scolds the Magic Academy students and apologises with them. They end up helping out at the crepe shop without using magic, and things go much more smoothly – thus proving people of different worlds can get along.


And here’s alien Kotoha.


Here’s our Hallowe’en-themed Donyokubarl.

With everyone getting from two different worlds getting along so well, Mirai can’t be any happier.


Mirai and Riko holding hands.

It takes no time at all for Benigyo and her Donyokubarl to show up and spoil the moment. It seems that Benigyo hasn’t quite had all of her power restored since waking up just yet, but it’s getting there.


There isn’t exactly a whole lot to her outfit.


Sapphire Style

The Cures are pretty much on top of things, though Miracle takes a hit in order to protect the Hallowe’en festival. The battle goes exactly as you’d expect it to, resulting in the Cures claiming victory.


The Aquamarine is recognised.


Ah, back on track after a break during the previous episode.

After that, the Hallowe’en parade gets under way, and Mirai’s grandmother encounters the headmaster once again.


Riko’s father seems to have discovered something to do with both the Magic and No Magic Worlds.

After the Hallowe’en festival ends, the Magica Academy students return to the Magic World whilst the headmaster gets in touch with Riko’s father.


We end with this scene.

I like how this episode brought back some of Haa’s costumes from much earlier in the series – if any time is perfect for them, it’s Hallowe’en. We also got a couple of nice moments between Mirai and Riko, and you’ll never hear any complaints from me about that. We’re heading towards the end of the series now, with probably less than 10 episodes to go… but let’s not worry about the end until the end.

On the next episode, it is Riko’s birthday. Let’s hope Mirai gets her something special.

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