ViVid Strike! Episode 5: Consequences

At the end of ViVid Strike! episode 4, a young Rinne dealt out some justice to a group of bullies. In this episode, we see the consequences for her actions, before going back to the present day for some sparring matches as the Nakajima Gym.


The families of the bullies decide to settle with the Berlinettas out of court.

The only condition to settling the case is that Rinne transfers schools. Lori agrees, but she’s pretty distraught that Rinne’s time at school wasn’t the same as her memories of the place. All she really wanted was to make Rinne happy, but Rinne had decided she didn’t belong with the Berlinettas any more.


Rinne ends up doing a runner.

She decides to make one last phone call to the Berlinettas, but as she seeks out a free phone some people spot her.


This can’t be good…


Rinne is kidnapped in full view of the public.


Whilst most people just stand there looking on, one woman gives chase.

The kidnappers turn out to be the family of the girls that Rinne hospitalised. They are less than thrilled about the out of court settlement, and feel that Rinne should suffer the same way the girls did. They punch and kick Rinne, but some uninvited company shows up before they can do her any serious harm.


Kidnapping a child in front of a martial artist is a bad idea.

Rinne doesn’t really do much, at least until she discovers that one of the girls, Sarah, lied to her older brother about how the events played out.


She would accept an equal beating from the girls if they apologised for what they did to her, her grandfather and Scuderia.

After meeting with Jill, Rinne entered probation after that. She was convinced to go back to the Berlinettas, and she did transfer schools as well.

Back in the present day, the members of the Nakajima Gym are concerned that it would be affecting Fuka.


Vivio and Rio worrying about Fuka.

Fuka continues training, focused on getting stronger. She does seem to notice the others’ concern for her, though.


Rio invites everyone to a bathhouse.

At the bathhouse, the girls ask Fuka if she’s doing all right after hearing Rinne’s story. Turns out she’s completely fine.


Fuka is determined to become stronger.

The reason Fuka wants to best Rinne? The way she looked at her before – when Rinne looked at Fuka as if she was beneath her, Fuka knew that they’d become enemies. So, ultimately, Fuka wants to knock some sense into her old friend. Classic Nanoha befriending, stuff, then.


…I want one.

Back at the gym, a girl drops by and delivers Fuka’s new device, Huracan, to her. In fact, there’s a few visitors to the gym.

Einhard introduces Fabia.jpg

Fabia was then one who brought Huracan.


Once everyone has arrived, it’s time for the sparring matches to begin. First up, Micaiah vs. Fuka – but not before we get a couple of transformation sequences.


Micaiah doesn’t specialise in unarmed hand-to-hand combat.


Fuka’s first transformation with Hura – she shortened Huracan’s name.

Fuka used Einhard as reference for her transformed look. With that established, the spar between Micaiah and Fuka begins… and the episode ends there.

Rinne’s backstory wraps up in the first half of this episode, and I’m just saying that I’m glad Jill showed up when she did when Rinne was kidnapped. There’s never much joy in watching grown men abuse young girls…
As for the second half, Fuka was very much the centre of attention there. It spent a fair amount of time establishing that Fuka thoughts on the Rinne situation, but I feel like it was quite easy to figure out – the sparring match between Micaiah and Fuka could have probably had a little more screentime.
I really like the music used for Fuka’s transformation – the soundtrack as a whole has been pretty great thus far.

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