Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 5: Money Makes the World Go Round

At the end of the previous episode of Magical Girl Raising Project, Sister Nana arranged a meeting with Ripple and Top Speed. We find out what she wants to talk about in this episode, and we also learn some more about Sister Nana, Weiss Winterprison and Cranberry. Oh, let’s put a spoiler warning here, just in case – there may be spoilers.


Sister Nana wants to find a way out of their predicament.

Sister Nana set up the meeting with Ripple and Top Speed in order to try and come up with some way to put an end to their game. Despite trying to get in contact with the admins, Sister Nana has only been met with the silent treatment. When Sister Nana starts crying over the situation, Ripple sees something in her that she really doesn’t like.


Swim Swim decides they should try and steal Candies, but using a different method

The Peaky Angels decide to start slandering the other magical girls to bring down their popularity, whereas Swim Swim can only wonder what Ruler would do. This doesn’t escape Tama’s notice.


This is Shizuku Ashuu – can you tell which magical girl she is?


This is Nana Habutae

Despite not being able to convince Ripple to join her, Nana believes that they may be able to persuade Magicaloid 44 and La Pucelle. After all, Sister Nana was the one in charge of teaching La Pucelle.


Calamity Mary is able to make money whilst she earns Candies as a magical girl.

When Magicaloid 44 mentions that Sister Nana has arranged to meet her, we delve a little into the past and learn of Magicaloid’s power. So Nana became a magical girl, but she felt that her ‘prince’ – that would be Shizuku – should be the one to protect her. As such, she approached Magicaloid 44 and requested her help in making Shizuku become a magical girl as well.


Once a day, Magicaloid 44 can produce a device at completely random.

Magicaloid is all too aware that her power is pretty much useless, but Sister Nana offers her cash for the use of the devices. Magicaloid gets through a fair few useless devices, but it turns out she can produce useful items from time to time, and Shizuku ends up becoming the magical girl Weiss Winterprison. After hearing all this, Calamity Mary thinks of Magicaloid 44 as a kindred spirit.


Magicaloid 44 sees an opportunity and seizes it.

Magicaloid 44 claims to have direct connections to the admins and tells Sister Nana she will speak to them personally, but it will come at a cost. Winterprison expressed doubts about Magicaloid’s trustworthiness, but Sister Nana insists it’s fine. Sister Nana then gets a message from The Musician of the Forest, Cranberry. Sister Nana and Winterprison go to meet her.


Cranberry is only interested in strong opponents.

Sister Nana tries to persuade Cranberry to her side, but Cranberry is having none of that. She ends up fighting Winterprison. As the battle continues, Sister Nana uses her magic to draw out Winterprison’s potential – Sister Nana’s power as a magical girl is to ‘draw out her beloved’s potential’, at least according to the eyecatch. Ultimately, the fight ends with Winterprison retreating.


Nana and her prince.

Though Shizuku suggests they should be more careful about going out from this point on, Nana had volunteered to train the newest magical girl – and it’s about time she was introduced, methinks.


The sixteenth magical girl, Hardgore Alice

Sister Nana tries to explain the situation to Hardgore Alice. However, when the conversation turns to Snow White, Hardgore Alice only wants to know where she is – when Sister Nana shares that information with her, Hardgore Alice runs off.


La Pucelle captured Cranberry’s interest.

After a scene where Snow White and La Pucelle discuss the situation together (raising at least one death flag for La Pucelle in the process…), La Pucelle sends Snow White home so she can confront Canberry. Got to wait until episode 6 to see how that confrontation plays out, though.

I thought that this was a great episode. I enjoyed the fight scene, and am very much anticipating the match between Cranberry and La Pucelle next time. We also got a yuri couple in the form of Nana and Shizuku, and you certainly won’t hear any complaints from me about that – though I have no idea as to whether both of them will make it to the end or not…
It was neat learning a little more about Magicaloid 44, too. She definitely got the short end of the stick when it comes to her ability, though the fact that we have Winterprison proves that on the rare occasion it can actually be useful.

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