FLIP FLAPPERS Episode 4: A New Home

In this episode of FLIP FLAPPERS, we take a break from the insanity of Pure Illusion. Papika also continues to present a compelling case to be my favourite character of the anime I am watching this season.

Last time, Papika and Cocona were able to transform due to their feelings being synchronised – however, they ended up reverting back because their impedances were all over the place, which meant they lost a fragment to Yayaka. The solution for this?


Papika and Cocone will live together, in order to get in sync.

Cocona gets the OK to stay with Papika from her grandmother, and she packs everything she needs. Once she’s done that, she goes to bed and has a dream.


This lass and a tree seem to have some kind of significance in her dream.

Cocona wakes from her dream, and goes to school. It isn’t long before Papika shows up, naturally.


Papika is great.

Once Papika jumps down from her perch, Cocona adjusts her scarf for her. They then make their way to their classroom, where Cocona is reluctant to enter. Papika shows no such hesitation, but it turns out that Yayaka is nowhere to be seen. Cocona goes on a search for her, but ends up tripping over someone.


I’m guessing she’s a member of the art club – she’s definitely an artist at least

Papika ends up dragging Cocona back to class before she can enjoy her tea, though the artist tells Cocona she is free to come back another time if she wants. When lunchtime rolls around, Yayaka appears.


Yayaka thinks they should talk elsewhere about what happened.

Yayaka asks Papika and Cocona to join her, but Papika refuses. All we really learn from her is that she is collecting the amorphous in hopes of achieving world conquest. Yayaka makes a swift exit afterwards.

After the school day ends, Papika takes Cocona to their new home.


Turns out we don’t need to go to Pure Illusion for a dose of craziness.


Here’s a look at the inside.

Turns out that Uexkull also went along with Cocona again. Papika and Cocona’s first order of business is getting some food.


Despite having no clue about the ingredients she used, Papika was able to put together a meal.

After washing themselves with a makeshift shower, Papika and Cocona go to bed.


Uexkull seems to have quite an appetite…

Papika seems to find sleep easily, but Cocona has no such luck. Uexkull seems to provide a bit of comfort.


Papika realises that Cocona isn’t sleeping by her side.

When the next day comes around, Papika decides that they should go and get some food. This time around, she has a craving for fish so she brings out her hoverboard and heads towards a deserted island.


Cocona’s missing out on the dolphins.

On the island, Papika goes out to catch some fish. However, her hoverboard ends up getting washed out to sea, leaving them stranded. When the evening sets in, both Papika and Cocona start feeling hungry. Papika heads out to find some food, and though Cocona tries to follow her she gives up and runs in the opposite direction. She ends up on her own, but it doesn’t take long for Papika to track her down.


Papika finds Cocona and gives her a blue berry.

Cocona praises Papika, but she has no such kind words for herself. Of course, Papika thinks Cocona is great and has some words of encouragement for her. When they get back to the beach, Papika has a bath prepared.


They share the bath, but it soon springs several leaks.

After their bath, the girls go to bed and resolve to build a raft the next day. They talk for a while, and whilst Papika keeps it a secret what she’d wish for if they get all the shards, Cocona says she would like to meet her family – she has been living with her grandmother because her parents died when she was a baby. After sharing that, Papika and Cocona fall asleep.



When the next day arrives, they are able to build a raft and push it out to sea.


Gonna get back to civilisation.

They don’t get very far before they end up being drawn into Pure Illusion once more. Yayaka and the twins are alerted to the appearance of Pure Illusion too.


Papika swears to never let go, and Cocona swears she’ll never go away.

We’ll have to wait until next time to see what adventures await Papika and Cocona in Pure Illusion, as this is where the episode ends.

I enjoy the zaniness of the stuff in Pure Illusion, but sometimes you just need to keep things in the real world and deepen the bond between characters. That’s exactly what this episode was, and it proved to be very enjoyable.
Papika’s such a joy to watch – her almost boundless energy and optimism have quite a profound effect. It’s also nice seeing Cocona grow closer to Papika, and realise that she’s not as worthless as she thinks she is.
Cocona also opened up to Papika a little, and I thought that moments was nice. The end of the episode was even better, and hopefully the return trip to Pure Illusion means we’ll get to see Pure Barrier and Pure Blade again next episode.

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