ViVid Strike Episode 4: Children Can Be So Cruel

Episode 4 of ViVid Strike! delves a little into Rinne’s past, showing us how she come to be the person we see in the present day.

The episode kicks off with some early morning training.


Vivio doesn’t really have an important role to play in this episode, but here’s a screenshot of her regardless.


Fuka trains alongside Einhard.

The look Fuka gives Einhard when she sees she hardly broke a sweat was quite funny. Turns out Nove had Yumina look into Rinne’s past to get an idea of why she behaves the way she does – this episode is a flashback episode dedicated entirely to Rinne.

Rinne meets her adoptive grandfather.jpg

Four years previously, Rinne meet this gentleman – her future adoptive grandfather.

That encounter leads to the Berlinettas taking an interest in Rinne, and they arrange to meet her soon after.


Rinne’s adoptive parents, Dan and Lori Berlinetta.

Dan and Lori decide to make Rinne part of their family. When she arrives at their home, she discovers that the man she met previously is now her grandfather.


Turns out the old man isn’t very well.

Rinne goes on to form a very strong bond with her grandfather. She also starts attending the school that Lori and her mother before her attended, and Lori has a special gift to pass down to her.


This lucky charm is called Scuderia.

Scuderia was made by Rinne’s grandfather for his wife, and then was passed down through their family.

At Rosberg Private Academy, most of the kids seem pretty thrilled to have the daughter of the prestigious Berlinetta family attending their school.


There’s always exceptions to the rule, though…

The teachers soon come to realise that Rinne possesses incredible athletic abilities.


Rinne has the potential to become an elite athlete.

However, she has no interest in any sports clubs as she would rather spend time at home with her grandfather. She turns down every club that invites her. Three girls approach her, and accuse her of stealing the Scuderia…


Rinne’s temper flares up here, but she manages to keep it cool after retrieving the Scuderia.

Of course, these girls are pretty pathetic and they have no intention of letting Rinne get away with standing up to them. As a result, Rinne becomes a victim of their constant bullying.rinnes-shoesrinnes-deskdrenched-rinnetop-of-rinnes-desk
Rinne suffers in silence, not even letting her parents know what is actually going on. She wears a fake smile and convinces herself that they’ll get bored with bullying her soon.

When November rolls around, it seems that Rinne may have been right.


Yeah, there’s totally nothing suspicious about saying she should wear her tie pin again…

This turn of events allows Rinne to have a little happiness again, and she even has some good news concerning her grandfather.


Naturally Rinne has a walk planned out for them.

It doesn’t take long for Rinne to discover that the words of the glasses girl were hollow. She discovers her uniform has been torn, and the Scuderia is missing.


Rinne has no hesitation in retrieving it.

Of course, this disgusts the bully girls. She washes the Scuderia, but the girls have no intention of leaving her. Two restrain Rinne, whilst the third slaps her – and then Rinne’s phone starts ringing. Rinne realises immediately that something has happened with her grandfather, but it is one of the bullies who retrieves it.


Rinne has been put through hell, and the reason for the phone call isn’t going to make anything better.

Rinne breaks out of the grip of the girls, but this only causes them to lose their tempers.


Like the cowards they are, the girls run off and leave Rinne on the ground, unconscious.

After those events, Rinne discovers that her grandfather had passed away. Having lost her grandfather and been unable to protect the Scuderia, Rinne snaps.


Rinne just straight up breaks her arm.


Upsetting Rinne proved to be an incredibly bad idea.


Rinne believed she wasn’t able to protect her precious things because she was weak.

So it seems that these were the events that drove Rinne to become the person she is now. Rinne dealing out justice to the bullies may have been extreme, but there was definitely a sense of satisfaction to watching those girls get what they deserved (well, maybe a little more than that…)
Whilst this does give us a better understanding of present-day Rinne, I still say she’s in need of a good befriending. Ideally, Fuka will be the one to do just that, but I’m sure that both Vivio and Einhard are also capable of knocking some sense into her.

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1 Response to ViVid Strike Episode 4: Children Can Be So Cruel

  1. Andmeuths says:

    She needs befriending by no less than Sieglinde Eremiah herself (since Nanoha is not available). It’s a shame Rinne never ran into Sieglinde during last year’s DSAA tournament.

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