Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 36: The Bear and the Bee

In this episode of Maho Girls PreCure!, the most recently introduced enemy general meets the Cures for the first time, and the bee fairy Chikurun engages in some espionage – or, attempts to.

The episode begins with the girls about to eat some pancakes. When they go to wash their hands, Chikurun is unable to resist the lure of the pancakes.


This will have consequences.

As you imagine, Mirai is less than pleased to discover that her pancakes have been eaten, but Mofurun’s nose soon reveals the culprit.


Chikurun discovered.

Chikurun claims to be a bee fairy, though whether that is actually the case remains to be seen. Anyway, the girls are pretty relaxed about their discovery, until they realise Chikurun was the one who ate the pancakes.


Never steal Mirai’s food.


Seriously, never steal Mirai’s food.

Mofurun persuades Mirai to forgive Chikurun, and the bee fairy spins a tale about having come from the Magic World in order to seek out honey after the stuff from his home was spoiled. Mofurun and Chikurun hit it off, due to a shared love of honey.


Chikurun wrongly assumes that Mofurun is a fairy.

Mofurun reveals she’s actually a teddy bear, and she gained the power of speech simply because she strongly desired to talk to Mirai. Chikurun’s pretty shocked by that discovery.
Following that, we check in with Oruba and the other enemy generals. They are able to detect the presence of their other comrades – at least seven. At this point it’s a faint presence, but given time they’ll awaken.

Back to Mirai and the others, she pulls out a photo album and says how Mofurun has always been together with her.


Baby Mirai and Mofurun

We see a few memories of the times that Mirai and Mofurun spent together, and I’ll admit, it’s pretty cute.


There’s just sheer happiness oozing out of this picture.

One photo in particular catches Mofurun’s eye – it’s a field of flowers. Chikurun takes notes, and then leaves when he realises that the evening is setting in.


Chikurun reports his findings to Oruba.

Oruba desires to talk to Mofurun, so he gets Chikurun to arrange to have them meet. Chikurun is less than thrilled to be order about, but he carries out the plan regardless.

Under the pretence of searching for honey, Chikurun is able to persuade Mofurun to go outside without Mirai. Mofurun doesn’t wander off without leaving a note for Mirai, however.


A clue as to the whereabouts of Mofurun.

Chikurun and Mofurun go to the same flower field from the photograph mentioned earlier, where Oruba is waiting for them.


Oruba wants to know the connection between Mofurun and Pretty Cure.

It doesn’t take long for the cavalry – Mirai, Riko and Kotoha – to arrive. Of course, Oruba’s response is to sic a bench on them.


Episode 36’s Donyokubarl.


Sapphire Style

I can’t help but feel that the most impressive fights generally come from the use of Sapphire Style, and this one is no exception. Perhaps it is the power of flight that gives them the edge over the others. During the fight, Chikurun gets caught up in the Donyokubarl’s attacks, but the Cures defend him.


As the Donyokubarl’s attacks ravage the flower field, Mofurun takes a stand.

Turns out the field of cosmos was the first place that Mirai and Mofurun went outside together – up until that point, Mirai had just settled with talking to Mofurun about the outside world. After hearing that, Oruba is keen to take Mofurun.

Miracle protects Mofurun.jpg

Miracle swears she’ll protect the field, as it is a precious memory for her as well.

The donyokubarl is defeated, and Oruba retreats. Mirai and Mofurun reflect on their time together, and the spirits recognise yet another Linkle Stone.


The Sapphire is recognised.


One step closer.

Chikurun thanks the girls for protecting him, and expresses surprise that they are Pretty Cure. Riko says it’s a secret, though I’m fairly certain all their enemies are aware of who they are… The episode ends with the girls gazing out over the flowers and Mirai and Mofurun swearing to be together forever.

Mirai and Mofurun were pretty much the stars of this episode, and it was quite nice to have a glimpse into their past and how they’ve always been so close. Bonus points for the use of Sapphire Style, too.
An interesting point raised in this episode is the number of comrades Oruba and Sharkince were able to sense – it showed at least seven different locations where enemies could potentially be sealed. I don’t know whether they’ll awaken or not by the end of the series, but it seems that Deusmast has quite the following – at least compared to most other PreCure big bads.

Next time, it’s back to the Magic World to make frozen clementines.

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