Looking Ahead to MCM London Comic Con 2016

London MCM Comic Con
The end of October is almost upon us again, which means that it’s almost time for another MCM London. Once again, I’ll be going. It starts on the 28th October and runs through to the 30th, but the day I’ll be there is Saturday 29th. In this post, I’ll be sharing some of the stuff that will be going on at the event.

As ever, there’ll be plenty of stuff to buy – anime, manga, video games and plenty of other stuff besides. Manga UK, Anime Limited and MVM Entertainment will be present again – and much like previously, Manga UK will have their own stage and events.


Manga UK has a variety of events.

Of course, anime will also be sold, so I know my collection of DVDs is going to expand. There’s a few new releases I’m interesting in getting my hands on, and I still need more Dragon Ball Z and One Piece DVDs.
I’m sure you’ve noticed the anime karaoke on the schedule. I won’t be doing any singing myself, simply because I can’t sing, but they have a large selection of opening and ending themes – click here to see that list.

Anime Limited will be partnering with Crunchyroll for this event. Crunchyroll will be holding giveaways for premium subscribers, and there’ll also be a screening room where Comic Con goers will be able to see currently streaming anime and series that will be coming to home video through their partnership with Anime Limited.
Much like Manga UK and MVM Entertainment, Anime Limited will have a shop. There will be MCM Exlclusive Pre-Sales of the following titles:

  • Psycho-Pass The Movie on standard DVD and Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray/DVD set
  • Fullmetal Alchemist Part 1 Limited Edition Blu-ray
  • Fullmetal Alchemist Part 2 Limited Edition Blu-ray
  • The Tatami Galaxy Limited Edition Blu-ray
  • Gundam Reconguista in G Blu-ray
  • Project Itoh: Harmony on standard DVD and Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray/DVD Steel Box
  • Escaflowne Ultimate Edition Blu-ray set
  • Lucky Star Blu-ray
  • Outlaw Star Blu-ray

Of course they’ll have their recent releases available as well, and a selection of the newest upcoming Funimation UK titles which include High School DxD BorN and Yurikuma Arashi. Anime Limited will also have some of the newest books from Khara’s Japan Anima(tor) Expo range. They’ll also be giving away posters for Makoto Shinkai’s new film Your Name, though there’s only a limited number.
There’ll also be two anime guests of honour. Naoyoshi Shiotani, the director of Psycho-Pass is one, and the other is Takeshi Honda. Takeshi Honda worked on the Rebuild of Evangelion films, and other credits include Ponyo, Millennium Actress, Kill la Kill and many others.
Anime Limited will also be announcing new acquisitions over the course of the weekend, too.

Other guests attending the comic con include the four main cast members of RWBY – Lindsay Jones (voice of Ruby Rose), Barbara Dunkelman (voice of Yang Xiao Long), Arryn Zech (voice of Blake Belladonna) and Kara Eberle (voice of Weiss Schnee). Quite fitting considering the 4th volume of RWBY is imminent.
Team RWBY aren’t the only voice actors who’ll be in attendance. Bryce Papenbrook and Trina Nishimura will be there – the English voices of Eren Jeager and Mikasa Ackerman respectively from Attack on Titan.
There’ll be loads of other guests and panels as well.

There’ll also be plenty of opportunities to experience new and upcoming video games, particularly with Square Enix, Koei Tecmo, Ideas Factory and probably a fair few others being there.

There’ll also be a few YouTube personalities present – the most prominent of them (at least for me) being Ashens. There’ll be something for everyone, I imagine.

There’s a lot going on at the Comic Con, and their website covers it better than I could here. As such, here’s a link to the site. Seriously, everything mentioned here is pretty much only a fraction of what will be happening over the weekend.

There’ll be comics and manga for sale, various food stands and many other things to experience at the comic con. I very much look forward to going, and emptying out my wallet.

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