Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 35: Make Tsunagi First Middle School Great Again

In the 35th episode of Maho Girls PreCure!, the time for the students of Tsunagi First Middle School to elect a new student council president draws near. They aren’t exactly spoiled for choice with only two candidates, though.

The two candidates for this election are as follows:


Yuuto Namiki


Riko Izayoi

Riko and Yuuto submit their applications to run for student council president. Souta pledges his support to Yuuto, whilst Riko has the backing of Mirai, Kotoha, Mayumi and Kana. Meanwhile, Oruba sends his bee fairy partner to spy on the Cures in an attempt to learn the source of their power.


Say hello to Oruba’s little friend.

The bee fairy spots the girls arranging Riko’s election campaign. Mayumi thinks they need something in order to attract the girls’ vote.


Mofurun ends up playing the role of mascot

The bee fairy misinterprets Mayumi’s words, though it isn’t really erroneous to call Mofurun important – particularly as she’s required to allow Mirai and Riko to transform.

Both candidates drum up support at the entrance of the school the following morning – one side sees more success than the other.


It appears that Riko has this in the bag.

Riko and the girls take a look at some suggestions as to what she should do if she becomes student councilm president, but they’re mostly things that can’t really be done. Kotoha goes for a walk after that, and comes across Yuuto.


Yuuto fixes a planter.

After Kotoha uses a little magic to have the flowers show their gratitude, Yuuto gets back on the campaign trail. Elsewhere, the bee fairy continues to spy on Mofurun.


Riko heads to the library, where Yuuto is putting away a few books.

Yuuto tells Riko that he’s running for student council president in an attempt to make Tsunagi First Middle School a place where everyone can get along and just generally enjoy themselves. Riko, on the other hand, doesn’t really have a reason for becoming student council president.


Kotoha wants to support Yuuto as thanks for fixing the planter.

Kotoha hasn’t turned traitor – she’ll be supporting both Riko and Yuuto. The latter arrives at school, and then Benigyo shows up.


Ah, it must be about that time again.


Yep, here’s the Donyokubarl for this episode.

Naturally it’s time for the girls to transform. Fortunately, Yuuto has lost his glasses so he can’t see properly and they can get away with it.


Diamond Style

During the fight, the Donyokubarl causes a lot of wind. Yuuto made finding his glasses top priority, and protecting the flowerbed after that.


Magical realises how she can make the school a better place.

Magical powers up when she sees Yuuto’s resolve, and Miracle and Felice follow suit. Magical freezes the Donyokubarl with the Aquamarine Linkle Stone, and then Miracle sends it flying with the Peridot Linkle Stone. With its location changed, the Cures finish it off.

After that, it’s time for the candidates to give their speeches to the school. Yuuto goes first and pretty much says to everyone what he told Riko earlier. When Riko steps up to the podium, she’s made a decision.


Riko decides Yuuto would be more suited to the role.

After her speech, Riko shakes Yuuto’s hand.


Another spirit recognises another Linkle Stone


The magic circle after being the Garnet has been recognised.

The episode ends there. I guess it wasn’t too bad. Riko still seems pretty unsure of what she should do with herself in the future, and this episode served as a reminder of that. I don’t really have too much more to say about it, though.

Next time, Mirai recounts some childhood memories and we’re properly introduced to the bee fairy, Chikurun.

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