Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 34: Matters of the Heart

In episode 34 of Maho Girls PreCure!, Mayumi gets the spotlight as we focus on her first love.

Whilst Mirai, Riko and Kotoha walk to school, they spot Mayumi who seems to be rather timid.


What’s got Mayumi so worked up?


It’s this guy.

Can you guess where this is going? Well, let’s just continue on. Mayumi tells the girls that there’s someone she likes, and Mirai and Riko deduce that it can only be one thing.


Mirai and Riko seem pretty happy with themselves here.

Mayumi says that she met the boy on her way to school previously – it was raining, and she tripped. He helped her up, and that triggered her crush on him. In an attempt to help Mayumi learn more about him, Riko proposes a fortune telling. At this point, they don’t even know his name…


Riko and Mofurun dress up for the role

You’d think Riko would be spotted flying on her broomstick in the middle of day, wouldn’t you – well, at least one person notices her.


It can be none other than Kana.

With Kana arriving at the site of the fortune telling, the girls can’t rely on magic to help them. This is the result:


Here’s a life lesson for you.

Kana totally agrees, and decides to help out Mayumi. After asking Mayumi about the boy, Kana is able to find the school he goes to pretty easily.


Turns out Kana’s hobby is useful for something.

Though they spot the boy, Mayumi can’t work up the courage to speak to him. Both Kotoha and Kana insist she should tell him how he feels. Mayumi resolves to do that, though she admits to being nervous about it when she’s walking home with Kana.


Kana believes in herself, and I believe in the Kana who believes in herself.

Kana is able to get Mayumi to believe in herself, through a speech about how she is determined to meet a real witch.

Back at Mirai’s home, Mirai tries to explain love to Kotoha.


I dunno, Mirai and Riko might know more about love than they realise.

The next morning, Riko arrives in class to find Mayumi writing a letter. We also get a small flashback showing the first meeting between Mirai and Mayumi – Mirai helped Mayumi to find a hairpin she lost.


Mirai never changes.

The time comes for Mayumi to deliver her letter, and after a little magical interference courtesy of Kotoha, the boy she likes ends up alone. She goes to give hm the letter and…


Turns out he already has a girlfriend.

Saw that coming from a mile away. You know they’re a couple, because they stand under the same umbrella when it starts raining. Naturally Mayumi’s pretty upset by the turn of events, but it appears that someone else is hit harder by it.


Kana gets rather upset that Mayumi says all her effort was for nothing.


Shouldn’t this be the other way round?

Whilst Mayumi and Kana go to wipe their tears, Mirai suggests grabbing some strawberry melon bread. Before that, Sharkince appears.


No thanks, not today

Sharkince isn’t best pleased to have his enemies just walk away from him. He doesn’t let them get away with it, though.


Here’s the Donyokubarl for episode 34


Ruby Style

Sharkince says how emotions are foolish, but the Cures disagree.


It seems the secret to powering up is an impassioned speech.

The enemy is defeated and Sharkince retreats, and another spirit recognises another Linkle Stone.


Another one down.


Moving towards completion, one spirit at a time.

There’s also a new enemy introduced towards the end of this episode.


Apparently he woke up before Sharkince and Benigyo did.

Elsewhere, Mayumi thanks Kana for crying with her, whilst Kana thanks her for listening to her go on about witches. More importantly, they also start referring to each other on a first-name basis, which is a sign of closeness.


Calling each other by their given name, holding hands… yeah, that’s enough to ship them.

A couple of strawberry melon breads descend from the sky, and both girls spot a witch in the sky. Kana seems pretty thrilled to share that image with Mayumi.


Just like Mirai and Riko…

Episode 34 concludes with Kotoha declaring her love for her family.

Whilst the whole ‘first love’ plot went exactly where I expected it too, Kana’s part in this episode actually made me enjoy it a lot more than I thought I would. She was just the running gag girl at first, but I’ve found I’ve come to appreciate Kana – in fact, she might just be my favourite of the Non Magic World characters. I really liked her interactions with Mayumi throughout this episode, too. It’s worth remembering I got into PreCure partly for the yuri subtext, so I’m seeing a ship here between Kana and Mayumi, whereas other people may just see a very good friendship.
In terms of humour, the girls just walking away from Sharkince is definitely up there as one of the best. All in all, an episode I enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would when I first saw the preview.

Next time, Tsunagi First Middle School needs to choose a new student council president.

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