FLIP FLAPPERS Episode 3: Pretty Pure

FLIP FLAPPERS continues to be incredibly good, and this episode only made me love it more. We got some classical magical girl transformations, and a dash of Symphogear in there, as well.

The episode begins with Papika wondering a desert in Pure Illusion, having been separated from Cocona.


Seems to be a pretty bleak place.

Papika ends being taken prisoner by some things that are slightly reminiscent of the Jawas from Star Wars. Whilst most fear her due to her appearance, one is kind enough to approach her and offer some water.


This one seems friendly enough.

Papika is shown around the village, but it soon comes under attack from some bandits. A rather large fellow attacks Papika, but she fends him off rather easily.


Even wearing shackles she only needs to use a single finger.

After that, the leader of the gang emerges. An attack from her ends up shattering Papika’s shackles, and then we discover she has a rather familiar name.


That’s an interesting mask Cocona has there.

Papika and Cocona end up trading blows, which leads to Papika doing her Super Saiyan Blue impression.


I bet Goku would be proud.

Actually, the Dragon Ball comparisons don’t end there – the fight between the two girls here very much invokes Dragon Ball and Pretty Cure.


This looks really great in motion.

The fight comes to an end with Papika headbutting Cocona and thus removing the mask. As you’d expect, Cocona is pretty upset about having harmed Papika. Papika’s just relieved to have found Cocona. Turns out the thing that looked after Papika earlier on was actually a villain.


This will be your villain for today.

When Papika and Cocona were separated, the latter ended up wandering into an all-female harem, which was where she had the mask forced upon her. Having grown bored of Cocona, the villain gets Bu-chan to strangle her. Meanwhile, the villagers take Papika to a safe place and give her some food. After recovering her strength, Papika saves Cocona, gives her some food and then we get transformation sequences.papika-transformedcocona-transformedSo they’ve transformed, but what are their magical girl names?pure-barrierpure-blademagical-girlsWith the transformation complete, Cure Pure Barrier and Cure Pure Blade jump into battle. Remember how I mentioned this episode has a dash of Symphogear?


This is what I was talking about


FLIP FLAPPERS has taken a few shows I like and blended them together in one quite frankly brilliant package.

The enemy is then drive to take things seriously and thus transforms.


Not the most appealing of sights.

After continuing the fight for a little longer, Papika and Cocona pull out a finishing move.


It’d be pretty unlikely to see anything like this in PreCure.

With the enemy defeated, the girls go back to normal and apologies are made for the fight they had earlier.


Nothing would please me more than seeing Cocona reciprocate Papika’s love for her.

Turns out the enemy isn’t quite defeated, though. Fortunately, three people show up and save them. Cocona is also rather familiar with one of them.


It’s Yayaka. Seems like she’s pretty experienced when it comes to Pure Illusion.

With the enemy defeated, Yayaka picks up the ‘amorphous’ it leaves behind and leaves Pure Illusion. We see a glimpse of the people she appears to be working with, and they identify Papika as one half of the ‘Direct Drive’.

Papika and Cocona return to the real world, and discover that time does pass whilst they are in Pure Illusion. Fortunately, Cocona’s grandmother is pretty cool with her being out late, as long as he lets her know.

FLIP FLAPPERS continues to be incredibly good, and this episode is definitely my favourite so far. I very much look forward to seeing exactly what Yayaka’s involvement with Pure Illusion is, and I’m sure we’ll see plenty more magical girl transformations in the future. This show might just be the best looking one this season, and it has shown that it is perfectly capable of handling fight scenes as well. For me, there’s nothing here that I don’t like it – FLIP FLAPPERS is one of the best shows of the autumn.

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