Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 33: Meet the Parent

In the 33rd episode of Maho Girls PreCure!, an archaeologist from the Magic World pays a visit to the Non Magic World. This isn’t any old archaeologist, though – it’s someone Riko knows fairly well.

The episode begins with the girls eating strawberry melon bread, whilst a shady figure observes them.


That’s not suspicious at all…

The man pictured here picks up Mofurun, and then gets to feel the wrath of Mirai and Kotoha. Riko quickly realises who the person is, though.


It’s Riko’s father. It’s lucky the girls didn’t transform…

After that revelation, they invited him around to Mirai’s house where Riko introduces him to everyone.


I’ve seen about three different spellings for his name, but I’ll guess I’ll just go with the subs for now.

Rian brings some rocks as a gift for the Asahina family. Kyoko seems to appreciate them, at least. This is also where he reveals he’s an archaeologist, and explains what that means in simple terms for Kotoha’s benefit. Daikichi (that would be Mirai’s father – I had to look it up to remind myself of his name) then mentions how it must be difficult not seeing his daughters when he’s away.


Clearly Riko has an opinion on that.

Turns out the headmaster asked Rian for help with his investigation, and he told him all about the legendary magicians PreCure and who they are. Riko’s less than pleased to discover that Rian’s appearance is work-related. Elsewhere, it’s about time for another villain to be revealed.


Introducing Benigyo.

Rian takes a look at the Linkle Stones, and also goes to the place where Mirai and Riko first met in an effort to learn anything he can. Riko runs off, Daikichi shows up and all the magic stuff is hidden from view. When they notice that Riko’s disappeared, Mirai immediately knows where to go to find her – she is devoted to her, after all.


Mirai has some words of praise for Riko’s father

Whilst they talk, Daikichi has a few words to share with Rian as well. Turns out he showed up in an effort to allow Rian and Riko have some father-daughter time together.


Daikichi looking out for Mirai’s other half.

Mirai tells Riko how her dad said to her that there isn’t a parent out there who doesn’t worry about their child. This causes Riko to recall similar words from Mirai’s mother. Kotoha also mentions how Riko put so much care into raising her due to the love of her family.


Parents and children help each other grow – now here’s some photos of baby Mirai.

There’s no time for that, though, as the darkness closes in.


The first meeting between the Cures and Benigyo

As tradition dictates, it’s time for this episode’s Donyokubarl to make an appearance.


Water and Grass type.

Continuing with tradition, transformation time.


Sapphire Style

Rian even gets involved in the battle, though I don’t think he has a particularly good grasp of elemental rock-paper-scissors.


Using fire to defend against water attacks… not what I would go with, personally.

Rian’s fire lasts longer than you’d expect, but ultimately the Donyokubarl proves to be superior. Benigyo belittles Rian’s magic and its lack of power, though Miracle and Felice retort with the whole love and kindness means he is overflowing with power. Magical’s not exactly happy with what the Donyokubarl did to her father, either.


Upsetting a Cure is always a bad idea.

They finish it off with Extreme Rainbow, and then Benigyo retreats.

That evening, Riko gets to spend a little time with her father, though he intends to leave very soon.


Rian spends a little time with his daughter before leaving

He tells her of his surprise to learn that she had become a Cure, and that he intends to do what he can to prevent the prophecy of the Great Cataclysm coming to pass. Rian seems to also approve of the relationship between Riko and Mirai and deduces that the spirits may have come about due to that very thing.


The spirits are symbolic of the deepest feelings between Mirai and Riko.

Rian then looks up at the moon, and reminisces to when Riko was born. He promises to visit again, this time with Riko’s mother. After that, he does a Mary Poppins impression, and it seems the spirit of the Moonstone is satisfied by what it has seen.


Turns out they don’t have to use the specific Linkle Stone to have it recognised.


Another step closer to completion.

That wraps up episode 33. It was nice to finally meet Riko’s father; we had caught glimpses of him before, but this was his first proper introduction. This episode was all about the bonds between family, and I’d say it was fairly enjoyable. It’s always fun to see Sapphire Style, too, so it definitely gets bonus points for that.
Then there’s Benigyo. She’s not exactly clothed for cold weather, is she? There isn’t really too much more to say about her at this point, though.

Next time, we’ll be experiencing a ‘first love’ story.

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