Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 32: PreCure FC

Episodes 32 to 36 of Maho Girls PreCure! have now been subbed, which means it’s time for me to cover them here again. Much like last time we got a whole collection of episodes released at once, I’ll be covering them one by one. I’ll keep it at one a day, as well.
Anyways, last time, the Cures received a power-up, and in this episode they return to the Non Magic World.

The episode begins with the girls telling the headmaster about the Alexandrite, as well as the things that appeared – I guess we’ll be referring to them as spirits from this point forward. Anyway, this episode focuses on Kotoha going to school.


Kotoha is excited to go to school.

The following day, an overeager Kotoha drags Mirai and Riko to school early. They see the football club practising, and we learn that this episode will revolve around Souta and football.


I personally don’t care for football

After the opening ceremony, the girls talk about the time people saw Haa and thought she was a fairy of happiness. This is where Mirai introduces Kotoha to Souta, and then it’s time for Kana to show up.


It didn’t take long for the status quo to be restored.

Kotoha is introduced to the class, and we see her during a few classes. She also notices that Souta seems to be feeling down.


I guess PE must have been one of the lessons.

Kotoha’s sad to see the end of the day, but when Souta goes to the football club, she decides to do the same. Meanwhile, Mirai and Riko… well:


Kana drags them off to find fairies.

Kotoha goes and talks with Souta, and also joins in with some football.


Football with a little magic injected, I’d say.

Elsewhere, a new foe for the PreCure appears in the world.


Another of Deusmast’s underlings.

The following day, Mirai, Riko and Kotoha show up early to the pitch where Souta’s game will take place, and find they have their own trouble to deal with.


Introducing Sharkince.

After introductions are done, Sharkince calls forth a donyokubarl.


Here’s this episode’s donyokubarl.

Guess what? Transformation time!


The Cures go with Topaz Style for this fight.

We’ve seen the Topaz Style hammer before, but we also see it is capable of producing blades – scissors in this case. However, there’s only really one tactic to use against an opponent who is a football goal.


This isn’t the first time Cures have used an attack like this, and it probably won’t be the last.


After a quick demonstration of some fancy footwork, Felice joins in as well.

Sharkince belittles the game of football – and quite frankly, I’m with him on that one – but the Cures go on about how it matters so much to Souta and the football club. They then use their Over the Rainbow form to finish off the donyokubarl with Extreme Rainbow – looks like that stuff will only see use as a finishing move. Oh, and there aren’t unique costumes for each Style. The donyokubarl is defeated, Sharkince retreats and then the girls can focus on cheering for Souta’s team in the football match.


Mirai sees an opportunity and seizes it.

In the end, Souta’s team manages a draw, but all that matters is that they enjoyed it. One of the spirits had been watching the Cures closely.


It says this, then disappears into the Rainbow Carriage.


What will happen when this magic circle is completed? Something spectacular, I suspect.

The episode ends with this:kotohas-techniqueWhilst it’s nice to have Maho Girls PreCure! back again, I felt that this episode wasn’t exactly one of its strongest. That may be my personal bias against football playing a part, as well as the fact that Souta isn’t exactly a character I’m particularly bothered about. On the other hand, Kotoha and Kana provided a couple of funny moments, Topaz Style is always fun to watch and a new enemy was introduced.

It’s also worth remembering the episode before this one was quite spectacular, and we’re just getting back into the typical formula here.

Next time, a relative of Riko’s pays a visit to the Non Magic World, and another enemy is revealed.


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