ViVid Strike! Episode 3: Throwing Down the Gauntlet

In the third episode of ViVid Strike!, we learn a little more about Rinne. We also discover the reason she invited Nakajima Gym’s top three members over to watch her fight.

This episode opens with Rinne undergoing some training, followed by a glimpse of her family. We also meet her coach, Jill.

We then cut to the members of the Nakajima Gym arriving at Frontier Gym, who receive the VIP treatment. Fuka’s impressed by them, but Nakajima Gym also happen to have some skilled fighters.


World Champion Einhard Stratos


World Number 7, Vivio Takamachi


World Number 5, Miura Rinaldi

The girls receive VIP treatment, and conversation turns to Rinne. The girls feel that Rinne doesn’t particularly enjoy martial arts – particularly Vivio, who has fought her before. We also discover that Jill and Nove have conflicting views when it comes to training policies, and the audience viewed the Vivio vs. Rinne fight as a way to prove who’s right.

Talking of Jill, she tells Nove that a television crew intends to interview the members of the Nakajima Gym later on. With that done, it’s time for a fight.


World Number 8


World Number One, Rinne Berlinetta

Before the fight can start proper, both contestants have to set up their devices, which means a couple of transformation sequences.


I really like the music that played during Carrie’s transformation


Here’s Rinne’s transformation

With both girls ready, the fight starts – and ends as almost as quickly as it began.


The first blow turns out to be a decisive one

After the fight, Rinne has some harsh words for Carrie. Vivio can see that Rinnne has become stronger since their match. Once Carrie has been carried off, Rinne has an announcement: a challenge to the members of the Nakajima Gym. This is the reason for the TV crew. They accept the challenge, of course. Einhard also introduces their newest member, and Fuka says she’ll defeat Rinne. This is taken as a joke by the audience.

Before they can leave, they encounter Rinne herself. The reunion between Fuka and Rinne is… well, take a look:


Rinne’s still in need of a befriending…

Einhard, Vivio and the other Nakajima Gym members tell Rinne that they’ll help Fuka to become strong enough to win against her. We’ll have to wait for the Winter Cup to see that, however, as the episode pretty much ends there.

I very much look forward to seeing if Fuka will be able to triumph over Rinne in the future, but we probably have to wait a while to see that. It’ll also be great to see Vivio and Einhard back in action, but I guess there’s the matter of Rinne’s training and her Intelligent Device before that. This episode was pretty good – we actually got to see Rinne’s martial arts prowess, and we had a reunion between her and Fuka.


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