Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 3: A Ruler and Her Subordinates

The number of magical girls in Nabuka City has dropped by one. In this episode, we get to see a little more from Top Speed and Ruler’s group of magical girls. Oh, and then there’s quite an important piece of information that the magical girls learn.

This episode opens with Swim Swim getting in contact with Top Speed to ask for her help.


Top Speed and Swim Swim’s first meeting in person.


Turns out Swim Swim just wants a lift to the mountains, and Top Speed happily complies. I really like the interactions between Top Speed and Swim Swim here – Swim Swim’s total honesty and Top Speed’s reaction to that is pretty funny. Getting attached to them might be a bad idea, though… Regardless, Top Speed takes Swim Swim to the mountains, where Ruler and her subordinates are waiting for them.


Ruler, Tama, Minael and Yunael

Ruler admonishes Swim Swim for being late, and she isn’t too keen on her escort, either.


Damn it, Top Speed, stop making me like you!

After saying her piece, Top Speed gives some food to Ruler and takes off. Turns out they were there in order to help Tama get some more Magical Candies by burying illegally dumped rubbish. Top Speed meets up with Ripple.


She’s looking at a news story concerning the death of one ‘Nemu Sanjou’

You know, I’m thinking that Ripple is very aware of what’s going on. We then get a scene featuring Snow White and La Pucelle, who are then both invited to the chat room by Sister Nana.


Weiss was trying to find something to remember Nemurin by, and stumbled upon a conversation between Fav and Cranberry.

cranberry-and-fav-talkingAnd thus the truth about dropping out of being a magical girl is revealed, and the girls react accordingly to this news.

Elsewhere, Minael and Yunael discuss ways in which they could try and become more popular than Snow White.


They end up turning to Tama for help.

And what is Tama’s idea for them to gain more popularity? Well…


This idea goes down well with the twins

Concerning the matter of dying after dropping out of being a magical girl, new alliances are being formed.


Magicaloid believes the best option is to side with Calamity Mary

The PV for Minael and Yunael is successful, they though Snow White remains the most popular magical girl.

All the magical girls go on the chat room, where they confront Fav about the consequences of dropping out.


Fav sums up the consequences of dropping out

A magical girl can’t just quite being a magical girl, either – the results are still the same. No matter how they feel about it, the chosen players of MagiPro have no choice but to collect as many Magical Candies as they can. I bet Snow White’s not so thrilled about becoming a magical girl now…


An update that allows Magical Candies to be transferred…

Ruler cottons on pretty quickly that this new update can allow them to steal Candies from another Magical Girl. Of course, this means they have one particular Magical Girl in their sights.


Snow White should keep an eye out.

Whilst Tama, Minael and Yunael go off in order to carry out Ruler’s plan, we see that Swim Swim is very loyal to Ruler.


Apparently whatever Ruler says is a noble thing.

I’m not entirely sure that’s true, considering the last words she speaks in this episode are ‘Snow White…


But will Ruler’s claim be true?

We’ll have to wait until next time to see if that will be the case.

I enjoyed this episode, though it did confirm Nemurin’s death. I guess she was just too pure for this world… and older than I thought. I’m enjoying Top Speed’s interactions with the other magical girls, perhaps because she reminds me of Touhou‘s Marisa Kirisame in various ways. Ruler and her subordinates don’t seem too bad, but I’ll only really be sad to see Swim Swim go – and I’ve probably jinxed it by saying that, but we’ll just have to wait and see.
I also like the way that the focus is jumping around the different magical girls – it provides a bit of variety, whilst allowing each girl to receive some development. This does also meaning forming attachments to some of them, which will only make it more tragic if they drop out…


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