FLIP FLAPPERS Episode 2: Down the Rabbit Hole

Two episodes in, and I’ve already decided I really like FLIP FLAPPERS. At the end of the previous episode, Papika and Cocona found themselves in a spot of bother.

Forget about what happened at the end of the last episode, Cocona is back to her normal life when this one begins… well, almost.


Papika’s very much still around

Papika ends up introducing herself to Cocona’s friendĀ  Yayaka. Yayaka doesn’t bother introducing herself, and Cocona tries to leave with the excuse that she needs to hurry to school. Papika ends up taking her on her flying surfboard, against her will. Papika still wants to go on adventures with Cocona, but she is reluctant – particularly as she doesn’t want to see Papika die.

Cocona goes to class, and discovers she has a stowaway in her bag.


Cocona’s pet, Uexkull

Then there’s also a new transfer student.


Papika became a transfer student because it will let her be with Cocona

Of course, Papika’s her usual energetic self, though Yayaka steps in before she can glomp her.


Hmm, I wonder what drives Yayaka to be like this…

Papika proves to be quite popular with the other students, though she only has eyes for Cocona. She spends a fair amount of time chasing Cocona around, and we also learn that Uexkull is less than keen on Papika. Cocona ends up taking refuge with Yayaka.


This does make me wonder how Yayaka feels about Cocona…

Papika reappears shortly afterwards. Outside, Uexkull gets sucked into some strange device, and Papika and Cocona follow shortly afterwards – it’s time for another trip to Pure Illusion.


I love trippy visuals like these

Cocona winds up on her own, but she’s soon reunited with Papika.


This is insane, and I think it’s great


There we go, back to normal…almost.

The girls are now sporting ears, tails and an irresistible urge to gnaw on everything. Cocona decides to go and look for Uexkull on her own for fear of Papika endangering her life again. Meanwhile, Papika discovers another fragment and goes after that.


Removing the fragment results in something being turned on

Whilst Papika was the one to be endangered in the last episode, it’s Cocona’s turn this time around. Papika can only watch as Cocona is thrown around helplessly.


Papika and Cocona have had their roles reversed this episode

Cocona finds herself protected by someone – or something – rather familiar.


Now that’s a more interesting form than his real world one

Cocona and Uexkull end up in a cage, which is slowly being lowered towards lava. They try to chew their way out of the cage whilst Papika desperately finds a way to reach them. Papika realises Cocona’s feelings concerning what it’s like to watch a friend come close to death, and this awakens a power within her.


Papika is able to save Cocona and Uexkull

Thanks to Papika, everyone is able to make it out of Pure Illusion alive, and Cocona says that she’ll be happy to go on adventures with her every once in a while. Yayaka also witnesses this scene.

The last order of business for this episode is a visit to FlipFlap, where Cocona meets their members.


As she’s said here, this is Sayuri.


There’s also Hidaka


This is Dr. Salt.

Dr. Salt tells Cocona to keep a fragment with her. Hidaka takes them to the Thomasson and explains the world they went to is called Pure Illusion. Papika and Cocona are tasked with collecting fragments in order to liberate Pure Illusion. What it needs liberating from isn’t revealed, and the episode ends with the girls disappearing.

I’m really liking FLIP FLAPPERS so far – the visuals are pretty spectacular, I like the relationship forming between Cocona and Papika, and Papika herself just has some kind of infectious energy about her. It seems pretty likely that no two visits to Pure Illusion will be the same, so I’m very much looking forward to seeing what kind of acid trips will be in store for us in the future.

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1 Response to FLIP FLAPPERS Episode 2: Down the Rabbit Hole

  1. cirno9fan says:

    This is kinda like Jinrui meets kyousougiga meets Ghibli? can’t think of the third element. maybe there is no third element!

    Either way, the first two episodes were fantastical whimsical adventures, and I very much look forward to more!

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