ViVid Strike! Episode 2: Training

Previously, Fuka Reventon was taken in off the street by Einhard Stratos. She was offered a job with the Nakajima Gym, as well as somewhere to stay. Fuka also started training under Einhard in order to get strong enough to beat her estranged childhood friend, Rinne, in a fight. Episode two pretty much picks up from there.


Fuka ends up staying with Nove

Fuka works at the gym, whilst Einhard puts her through her paces.


Fuka has quite the talent for martial arts

She does all a manner of exercises with other girls of the gym, including some sparring.


Fuka still has a ways to go, though.

When Vivio joins Einhard and Fuka for some training, she has some advice for the latter.


Honestly, I’ll go for any reason to post a picture of Vivio.

With the suggestion of Fuka learning how to use the Power Mode, it’s back to the gym for a demonstration – which means transformation sequences.


After Vivio and the others transform, it’s Fuka’s turn.

Fuka doesn’t have her own Intelligent Device, so she requires a little assistance to transform – things don’t quite go smoothly.


Fuka transformed, but her clothes didn’t…

Fuka’s clothes just disappear, leaving her completely naked. The fact that happens indicates that Fuka has some powerful magical abilities, though she’ll need an Intelligent Device to control them properly. Fortunately, the girls will arrange something for her. Nove arrive shortly after, with an invitation to watch a fight at Frontier Gym.


Rinne is one of the competitors

The invitation consists of VIP tickets for the top three members of the Nakajima Gym:


The best of Nakajima Gym

All of the girls decide to go together, and Vivio hopes that Fuka and Rinne can talk and work out their differences. Before that, Nove shows some footage of Rinne’s fights to Fuka.


Rinne has no obvious weaknesses.

She’s strong, but remember that Vivio was able to best her, so she’s not invincible. Some interview footage also shows Rinne being rather harsh about her opponents. When Fuka showed pity towards them, the dispute between the pair started. Hopefully she’ll be on the receiving end of a good old ‘befriending’ soon.

A fairly enjoyable episode, which is moving towards the inevitable reunion between Fuka and Rinne. It’s always great to see Vivio. Fuka’s all right, too, I suppose. I do look forward to seeing her transform properly, which I imagine will happen once she obtains an Intelligent Device.


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