Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 2: Sweet Dreams

Last time, Fav announced that the number of magical girls in Nabuka City will be cut down from fifteen to eight – this episode reveals the reasoning for doing so, whilst introducing us to a few of the other magical girls and their powers.


Even though the number of magical girls is going to be cut, there will be one more addition

Fav explains that sixteen magical girls will rapidly deplete the mana of the city – it was a miscalculation that caused him to keep adding magical girls. Or that’s what he claims, anyway… Regardless, the aim is to collect the most Magical Candies. Whoever has the least at the end of the week will lose their magical girl powers.

Ripple has a discussion with Fav on a rooftop about the competition being set up between them.


Fav’s just encouraging some healthy competition… right?

There conversation is soon interrupted by Ripple’s partner, Top Speed. It seems that Ripple isn’t exactly too keen on her, and this has been the case ever since they first met.


The first encounter between Top Speed and Ripple.

Ripple doesn’t seem too keen on the magical girl thing, though this just ends up with Top Speed calling her a tsundere. It is during this flashback that we learn of Top Speed’s ability – though I think her name is a dead giveaway as to what it is.


Bet you weren’t expecting that…

Before Ripple reveals her power, they are joined by another magical girl – the outlaw Calamity Mary. She’s not exactly what one might call friendly… fortunately, Ripple moves pretty quickly.


After all, what kind of ninja wouldn’t be able to stop a bullet with a sword?

Their encounter reveals to Ripple that magical girls can get hurt, and Top Speed mentions something about them winding up dead in a worst-case scenario… Moving on, Ripple reveals her power here.


That’s Ripple’s power.

Back in the present day, we get to see Ripple’s human self:


Kano Sazanami

The magical girls continue to do magical girl things, earning Magical Candies.


Snow White and La Pucelle save someone from a fire

One magical girl spends a lot of time in the chatroom on MagiPro, and that is Nemurin. Snow White ends up talking to her.


Motivation is something that Nemurin lacks – she tends to sleep a lot.

Though Nemurin may be quite lazy, she does seem rather endearing.


Nemurin Beam!

Some rather fun segments with Nemurin there, and they are followed by the announcement of the competition to collect the most Magical Candies. Surprising nobody, Snow White is top again – however, we’re more interested in last place.


Nemurin places last, though the other magical girls pretty much expected that.


Seems harsh…

Fear not, for Nemurin is still fine.



Fav even allows her one last transformation – her powers don’t wear off until midnight. The little guy’s not so bad, huh? As you’d expect, Nemurin enters one last dream.


Nemurin encouraging a young lass

The clock then strikes midnight…


…Fav’s a bastard.

That’s it for the second episode of Magical Girl Raising Project, and I’m still enjoying it. I’m glad we got to see more from Ripple this time around, and things are already going down the dark path promised from the first episode.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait long for the introduction of the 16th magical girl, and I wonder how quickly the girls will discover the truth about the consequences of placing last when it comes to collecting Magical Candies. I’m sure answers to these questions will be revealed in future episodes, which I very much look forward to watching.

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