ViVid Strike Episode 1: Martial Arts

Another magical girl show, and a spin-off of Nanoha? Consider me sold, and as such I’ll be covering this show weekly. Some familiar faces return, and we have a couple of new characters introduced too.

Things start off on a less than happy note with a younger Fuka and her friend Rinne on the receiving end of some bullies – we also learn that they are both orphans.


These two lasses are certainly unfortunate

Fuka finds herself getting into many fights, and has the desire to become stronger to protect those precious to her – I don’t know about you, but I’m sensing some shipping material here…
However, Fuka loses the precious thing, but she still ends up picking fights on the street.


Not even an entire gang fazes Fuka

Despite being outnumbered, Fuka puts up one heck of a fight. When the police arrive, everyone scatters. Later on, Fuka has an encounter with a familiar face.


Fuka may be pretty handy in a fight, but Einhard Stratos is just better

Fuka collapses, and Einhard gets her admitted to hospital. There, Fuka loses her job, as well as a place to stay. However, she does receive the contact details of Einhard so she ventures over to Nakajima Gym. There’s some more familiar faces here, too.


It does my heart good to see these girls again – particularly Vivio

When Einhard comes back to the gym, an offer of employment is made to Fuka. She states she has no interest in martial arts, but she is unable to resist when the job includes food and somewhere to stay.
The reason Fuka says she has no interest in martial arts is due to a loss she suffered before. This loss came at the hands of someone Fuka knows very well:


Not quite the crybaby she was when she was younger

Rinne has only a single loss, and that’s to none other than Vivio. Turns out Rinne was adopted into a rich family, and seemed to become the very thing Fuka despised. Fuka quickly learns the hard way just how capable the girls of the Nakajima Gym are as martial artists – I guess street fights don’t really provide the same experience as training. After suffering defeat after defeat, Fuka engages in some special training with Einhard and goes back for round two with Vivio.


Fuka has more luck second time round

Though she knocks Vivio out of the ring, Fuka collapses. Regardless, it’s made clear that Fuka has a talent for martial arts and Einhard hopes that Hegemon-style training will awaken her passion.

I really enjoyed this first episode of ViVid Strike!. Fuka’s fights were a lot of fun to watch, and I very much look forward to seeing her grow as a fighter to the point where she can befriend Rinne. I also certainly wouldn’t mind seeing more from Vivio and Einhard, too.

Next episode, it’s time to hit the gym.


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