Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 1: Magical Girl Go

As promised, I’ll be covering Magical Girl Raising Project on a weekly basis. The first episode is relatively simple stuff – just a matter of introducing a few characters. With that said, let’s get down to business.

Magical Girl Raising Project starts with this scene:


A grim premonition of things to come, perhaps…

But forget about that for now, instead it’s time to introduce our main character.


Introducing Koyuki Himekawa

Koyuki plays a game called Magical Girl Raising Project or MagiPro for short, in which you control a magical girl to fight monsters. She also harbours dreams of becoming a magical girl, and I’m sure you can already figure out where this is going.

Turns out there’s been rumours of sightings of magical girls around the city, but nobody has any concrete evidence. Koyuki is into this stuff, but her friends don’t really believe it. Their discussion turns to MagiPro, and the claim that one in every thousand players turns into a magical girl.


Uh-oh, childhood friend sighted.

Koyuki’s childhood friend, Souta Kishibe, is a boy who’s into magical girl stuff. Just keep that in mind for now.

Moving on, the rumours about MagiPro prove to be true and Koyuki becomes a magical girl, just like she dreamed.


Introducing Snow White


Here’s a variation on PreCure‘s “wow, I can jump so high now!”

Anyway, it turns out that Snow White is the fifteenth magical girl in the city, and she can contact the others through the Magical Phone. We also learn that each magical girl has one special power – in this case, Snow White has the ability to hear the thoughts of people in trouble. Snow White starts doing good deeds and collecting Magical Candy, and then she contacts the other magical girls through the Phone.


This is what the chatroom in MagiPro looks like

The magical girls gathered together introduce themselvesĀ  – there’s Nemurin, Sister Nana, Weiss Winterprison, La Pucelle, Cranberry, Top Speed and Cranberry. Turns out Snow White has been outperforming them all as a magical girl and topped the score rankings jut a week after becoming one. Anyways, La Pucelle says she’ll take on the responsibility of training Snow White so they go and meet face-to-face.

La Pucelle has a few things to reveal – first, each magical girl has her own district. There’s a magical girl called Calamity Mary – someone Snow White should stay away from, and then there’s also the small matter of La Pucelle’s true identity.


That would be the same Souta who was Koyuki’s childhood friend

Yep, even males can become magical girls thanks to MagiPro. Whilst Souta is male, when he transforms into La Pucelle he becomes a she – completely female. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this. Regardless, Snow White and La Pucelle decide to become a team, and then Fav drops an announcement right at the end of the episode:


Fav wants there to be only eight magical girls.

That wraps up the first episode of Magical Girl Raising Project. Quite an interesting beginning, and I do like the juxtaposition of Koyuki’s vision of a typical magical girl against those who have more varied approaches to such a role. I’m keen to see Ripple in action, but this was an introductory episode so I can forgive that not happening yet.

Next time, the magical girls will be facing a competition to collect Magical Candies.


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