FLIP FLAPPERS Episode 1: A World of Pure Illusion

FLIP FLAPPERS has some pretty great visuals, and I think that one of the leads, Papika, is a character that is a lot of fun. As such, I’ll be covering it here.

The first episode starts with one of our lead characters, Cocona, taking exams.


Quite a mundane life. I suspect it will change very soon.

Whilst Cocona focuses on tests, our other main character is leading a far more interesting life.


Papika, surfing on thin air

As you’d expect, Cocona and Papika have a chance encounter. They end up meeting properly thanks to Cocona’s curiosity.


Girl meets girl.

Cocona ends up being taken to Pure Illusion, despite her objections.


Pure Illusion

Papika is eager to explore their new surroundings, and Cocona ends up getting pulled along into doing so with her. The pair end up making an igloo to take shelter for the night. They get disturbed by…snow-creature
…whatever that is. Cocona loses her glasses to the thing, but Papika pursues it to get them back for her.

Papika endures quite a beating from the creature, before ending up underwater which freezes over. This causes a power to awaken within Cocona.coconas-power
Cocona is able to rescue Papika from the water with her abilities, and the two soon return back to the real world.
Papika asks Cocona to go on another adventure with her, but Cocona is less than keen.
After the credits, Papika is captured in a net whilst Cocona is rendered unconscious, perhaps due to the ‘fragment’ she brought back with her from Pure Illusion.

The first episode of FLIP FLAPPERS was a lot of fun. I really like the visuals, and Papika’s boundless energy makes her a joy to watch. It’ll be interesting to see how the relationship between Papika and Cocona goes, as well.

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1 Response to FLIP FLAPPERS Episode 1: A World of Pure Illusion

  1. Karandi says:

    I really enjoyed this but was also left with a ‘what did I just watch’ kind of feeling. Really hoping for a bit more explanation next episode, but at least they entertained and got my attention in episode 1. Thanks for sharing.

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