4 New Cast Members Revealed for Magical Girl Raising Project

The website for the Magical Girl Raising Project anime adaptation has put up a video introducing four new cast members. As ever, the YouTube video is region-locked so I’ll be sharing both that and one from Dailymotion that serves as an alternative.

The new cast members:


Kikuko Inoue as Calamity Mary
She is employed by gangs to help people for pay. She tends to use violence in order to humiliate braggarts, the strong, the beautiful, the clever and those who are overly self-confident. Her power allows her to power up things she holds onto as a weapon, even if they weren’t weapons before


Satomi Arai as Magicaloid 44
A robot magical girl who thinks pragmatically, and refuses to do things she doesn’t want to do. She loves earning money, and is rarely seen in the exclusive chat channel for magical girls. Her power allows her to use one of 444,444,444 things that are ‘useful for the future’, but only at random and once per day.


Megumi Ogata as Cranberry, the Musician of the Forest
She is a member of a group of veteran magical girls. She loves music, always playing her violin on the top of the hill in the magical girl chat program. Something about her makes her seem like a mysterious elven hermit. Her power allows her to manipulate and generate sounds freely, whilst also possessing a keen sense of hearing.


Rina Hidaki as Hard Gore Alice.
She is a quiet and expressionless girl who always carries a rabbit stuffed doll. She pursues Snow White for some reason. Her power allows her to heal any wound no matter how severe – she can even heal severed limbs.

So that’s our new magical girl additions for this time; a gunslinger, a robot, a musician and a medic, maybe?

Personally I’ve never been a fan of westerns, but I’m sure there’s plenty of people out there who will find a gunslinger magical girl appealing. Her ability to turn any object she holds into a weapon seems interesting, if I’m interpreting it correctly.
Magicaloid 44’s power seemingly relies on pure luck on whether she’ll get anything useful when it comes to battle, which could lead to some interesting situations arising if she’s forced into battle.
As a lover of Symphogear, I’m a fan of magical girls who use music. As such, I very much look forward to seeing just what it is that Cranberry is capable of using her power. Will she take on a bard-like role, or will she be at the front lines when it comes to combat?
Finally, Hard Gore Alice. She can heal severed limbs – this suggests to me we’re going to experience a few bloody battles. If I don’t see at least one magical girl lose a limb, I’ll be slightly disappointed. I’m also curious about her pursuing Snow White (that would be the protagonist of this story, in case you forgot). Guess we’ll have to wait until the show airs to find out the reasoning for that one.

Magical Girl Raising Project has quite an eclectic bunch of characters; we have a ninja, a gunslinger, a musician, a robot and many others in addition to that. I very much looking forward to seeing them square off, and presumably make alliances and such, when Magical Girl Raising Project premieres on October 2nd. Well, that’s on Japanese TV at least. I don’t know yet if this will be picked up by any streaming services, but I’m certainly hoping so.

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