Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 31: Legend’s End

In this episode of Maho Girls PreCure!, the girls are returning back to the Non-Magic World. However, they have an obstacle to overcome before they can get there; quite possibly their greatest test yet as the legendary magicians PreCure.

Riko and Kotoha are still unsure of themselves at the beginning of this episode, something that doesn’t escape Mirai’s notice.
Back in the Magic World, Cathy has a a new oracle come to her:

Cathy's oracle

Doesn’t sound good…

Meanwhile, Rabu is talking to Shakince and Benigyo about the PreCure. We also discover a bit more about the current status of those two.

Rabu with Shanice and Benigyo's consciousnesses

Shakince and Benigyo’s actual bodies are still sealed; what we see here are their consciousnesses.

Back on the Snailiner, the girls share a frozen clementine from the snail trolley.

Girls sharing frozen clementine

Riko manages to successfully thaw the thing this time, and the girls think its best they’ve ever tasted since they get to share it with each other.

They don’t get to indulge in the frozen clementine for long, however, as Rabu separates their carriage from the Snailiner. This leaves the girls trapped in the space between the Magic and Non Magic Worlds, and Rabu takes the opportunity to strike.

Rabu strikes

Rabu goes all out.

Of course, the only correct response to an enemy appearing before you in a magical girl anime is to transform, and that’s exactly what the girls do.

Cures transformed

Diamond Style for this battle.

The girls try a few physical attacks, but Rabu easily blocks them. What follows after that is a showcase of the Linkle Stones’ power, but they have very little effect on Rabu. He then scatters the Cures.

Miracle and Rabu

He goes after Miracle first.

With their attacks having no effect on Rabu and being scattered, Miracle, Magical and Felice are about ready to fall into despair.


Miracle in despair.


Magical felt as though she couldn’t do anything when it really mattered.


Felice wields incredible magic, but wasn’t able to do anything.

The girls are practically beaten at this point, but something drifts by Miracle.

Mirai's wand

Miracle recalls all the wonderful experiences she’s had because of magic.

Miracle grabs her wand, and it shines brightly. She also loudly declares that she still has magic, and that is able to snap both Magical and Felice out of their depression.

A new legend

An old legend may end, but the PreCure will create a new one.

The girls are reunited, and their power gives birth to a new Linkle Stone: the Alexandrite.


With everyone reunited and a new Linkle Stone, it’s time for a new transformation.

Over the Rainbow

Maho Girls PreCure: Over the Rainbow

Putting obvious The Wizard of Oz references aside, here’s a closer look at the girls’ new power-up:

Over the Rainbow closer

I wonder if this can work with their other Styles?

With these new forms comes a new finishing move, powered by the Rainbow Carriage and all of the Linkle Stones.

Extreme Rainbow

Extreme Rainbow

With that, Rabu is defeated. Shakince and Benigyo feel his presence disappear, and decide that they’ll need to step up. Back in the space between worlds, the Snailiner returns and the girls get one last surprise.


The answer as to what these are will have to wait, as the episode ends here.

It was bound to happen eventually, and it did in this episode: the Cures gained a new power-up. I quite like their Over the Rainbow power-up, though I hope it isn’t just used exclusively for their Extreme Rainbow finisher. It’s only just been introduced, so there’s still plenty of opportunities for that to happen.
One question I have is whether Over the Rainbow is exclusive to Diamond Style or not – the next episode preview shows Topaz Style is up next time, but I don’t know whether they’ll need to break out Over the Rainbow for the upcoming monsters of the week.
The first part of the fight against Rabu didn’t seem too great to me. It was fun seeing the Linkle Stone showcase, but the lack of music probably hurt the scene more than it helped. Of course, the Cures’ power-up and new finishing move was pretty spectacular and the music did pick up as the fight progressed.
I’m also going to put this out there: going with a rainbow theme suits Mirai and Riko perfectly, if you know what I mean.

Next time it’s back to the Non Magic World, and Kotoha’s first day of (boring, non magic) school. All I have to say is that Kana better prepare herself…

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4 Responses to Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 31: Legend’s End

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  2. OG-Man says:

    I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get my wish but the Super Modes are badass so I can’t complain much.

    Super Rabu was cool.

    I’m looking forward to the new generals’ debut.

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