Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 30: Hopes and Dreams

This episode features the last day of the girls’ summer holiday in the Magic World, which means its time for Jun, Kay and Emily to do some last minute independent study. Mirai, Riko, Kotoha and Mofurun all get roped in to help them.

The episode opens with Mirai, Riko, Kotoha and Mofurun discussing the Rainbow Carriage with the headmaster in his office.

Mofurun on the Rainbow Carriage

Mofurun and the Rainbow Carriage

But enough exposition about the Rainbow Carriage, Emily, Kay and Jun quite literally teleport into the room and want to ask a favour of Mirai and Riko.

Asking a favour

Leaving things until the last minute…

So, what exactly do those three have in mind? Well, Jun has Mirai and Riko pose together, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

Flower Hair Haa

Emily engages in some hair-styling with Kotoha

Bubblegum Hair Haa

Haa’s happier about this then Emily is

Meanwhile, Kay is interviewing Mofurun.

Kay & Mofurun

In case you’re wondering, Mofurun’s favourite food is cookies… and honey, and frozen clementines, and strawberry melon bread…

Back to Jun, who has Mirai and Riko try out a variety of poses before settling on a final one.

Mirai & Riko

This is the pose Jun settles on for these two.

Enough silliness, it’s time for two more of Deusmast’s underlings to be introduced.

Shakince & Benigyo

Introducing new foes Shakince and Benigyo – I’m sure their true forms will be revealed soon.

With that out of the way, back to Jun’s masterpiece.

Jun's painting

Still better than modern art…

Jun uses magic to transform the painting into a statue, and then the conversation turns to what the girls want to achieve after they graduate from the Magic Academy – Jun wants to study Non-Magic World culture and fashion to improve her ability as an artist, Kay found joy in writing (as do I) and wants a job to put those skills to use and Emily wants to become the number one hair stylist in the Magic World. After that, Jun decides Mirai and Riko should have a change of costume, and Kotoha happily complies.

Swan Lake Mirai and Riko

Mirai and Riko in swan-themed outfits

Mirai and Riko end up flying away against their will. Jun, Emily and Kay are amazed by Kotoha’s magic, so she gets too distracted to save them. Fortunately, Mirai and Riko end up catching the attention of a particular teacher.


Liz, who was watering flowers before Mirai and Riko flew in

Liz treats them to some tea, and they end up having a conversation about their dreams. Riko realises that her dream of becoming an excellent magician is somewhat vague, so she’s pretty much in the same boat as Mirai when it comes to her dream. However, Liz offers her some encouragement and says why she became a teacher.

Young Liz & Riko

After practising with Riko, Liz thought it would be nice to teach other kids

Riko’s not the only one with doubts. Whilst waiting for Mirai and Riko to return, Kotoha can’t help but wonder about her magic.

Kotoha & Mofurun

Probably something to do with being a fairy from the Magic World, I suspect

Rabu shows up, and summons another Donyokubarl.

Monster of the Week

I dunno, Dark type?

Of course, by this point you should know what to expect – time for the transformation sequence.

Ruby & Emerald

Ruby Style Cures, and Felice

Shakince and Benigyo observe the battle, in which the Donyokubarl focuses on Felice whilst Miracle and Magical have to deal with Rabu.

Cure Miracle

Choosing to upset a single Cure is always a bad choice…

Of course, Rabu believes magic to be inferior to his mugic. Mugic can bend the rules of reality and manipulate gigantic amounts of magic, and is something that just comes naturally to Rabu.

Felice attacks Rabu

Does that make it mugic, or something else entirely?

During their confrontation, things start glowing – namely, Miracle herself and the Rainbow Carriage.

Glowing Rainbow Carriage

The Rainbow Carriage glows…

Miracle and Magical hit Rabu with their Ruby Passionale attack, but he just shrugs it off. Felice’s Emerald Reincarnation successfully defeats the Donyokubarl, leaving Rabu to retreat. After the battle, it’s time for Mirai, Riko, Kotoha and Mofurun to say goodbye to the Magic World, at least for now.

A departure

Back to the Non-Magic World, I guess…

So, this episode featured more development for Jun, Kay and Emily, which also triggered some growth for Riko. It’s been pretty great seeing those three again, and the stuff that happens in the Magic World is pretty much always a lot of fun. Heck, we even found out what inspired Liz to become a teacher – her involvement in this episode was more than just happening to be there.
There’s also been some hints dropped about Kotoha’s powers.
Can’t ignore the introduction of new enemy general either. There isn’t too much to say about them at this point, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing them in action sometime soon.
A pretty good episode all around, I’d say.

Next time, it appears that the Cures will get separated, and possibly receive a power-up by overcoming that particular trial.


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