Nintendo Direct Announced for September 1st 2016

Nintendo Direct September 2016
So as you can see, a new Nintendo Direct has been announced for September 1st. It will focus on the 3DS. The European one will be hosted by Nintendo of Europe President Satoru Shibata and Ed Valiente of Nintendo of Europe’s European Publisher Business department.
It is due to air at 3PM UK time, which means I should be around to watch it live. Now, as tends to be the case when a new Nintendo Direct crops up, I think it’s time to engage in some speculation.

A good place to start with guessing what games will be featured are the upcoming ones. In this case, Metroid Prime: Federation Force, Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past, Rhythm Paradise Megamix and Pokémon Sun & Moon are probably good shouts. I wouldn’t be surprised if we had the reveal of a couple of new Pokémon, either.
There’s also the upcoming Ace Attorney game. Whilst new information on games we already know are getting international releases can be nice, there’s definitely a few titles that I would like to see make it outside of Japan.

First is Monster Hunter Stories, where the idea is not to hunt monsters, but tame them and ride them into battle. This game is also getting an anime adaptation, which I may or may not watch when it airs in October.
Next is Dragon Ball Fusions, which sees you fusing various characters from the Dragon Ball universe to tackle their foes. Sounds quite interesting to me.
A game that got a dedicated Direct in Japan was Culdcept Revolt, and that’s a title I’m curious about. I don’t know if they’ll take a chance on giving it an international release, but I’m always up for more strategy games on my 3DS.

Those are games that I know exist, if only in Japan… for now. Maybe they’ll surprise us with the announcement of a new F-Zero or Metroid game. There’s a lot of doubt there, though…
Or maybe Camelot will finally continue the Golden Sun series, since Dark Dawn ended on a cliffhanger, and a certain foe still remains unfought across the two generations the three games cover.

I have no doubt there’ll also be some eShop coverage – it wouldn’t surprise me if something interesting cropped up during that part.

It’s been a while since our last Nintendo Direct, so you can bet I’m looking forward to this new one.

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