Maho Girls PreCure Episode 29: Mofuderella

As you may guess from that title up there, this episode of Maho Girls PreCure! features its own take on the Cinderella fairy tale – naturally with a PreCure twist.
This isn’t actually the first time PreCure has done Cinderella; it has also happened in Smile PreCure!. Since this is a post about Maho Girls PreCure!, however, that is what I’ll be focusing on.

The episode opens with Kotoha doing some research into Magic World legends to see if she can remember anything about the Emerald.

A daunting task

The Magic World has no shortage of legends

Mirai, Riko and Mofurun pass the time waiting for Kotoha by reading a book – the one Riko picks out is Cinderella, and she’s surprised to learn that the story exists in the Non-Magic World too.

Cinderella book

The magic-users are the main characters in the Magic World fairy tales

Kotoha reunites with the girls, and they head to their dorm for the night. After suffering through all those books, Kotoha gets some frozen clementines to share with the others.

RIP Kotoha's teeth

RIP Kotoha’s teeth

When the girls are sleeping, the Linkle Smartome works its magic, and Riko wakes up on a rooftop.


Riko plays the role of magician in this tale

Of course, Riko isn’t the only one with a role to play in this tale. First up, Mirai and Kotoha, who are somewhat smaller than usual.

Mirai and Kotoha mice

Because why not?

Then we have the star of this episode.



Then we have Mofuderella’s sisters.

Mofuderella's sisters

Batty and Sparda

The prince is also a familiar face.

The prince

The prince

Then we have the mother… urgh. This isn’t something we ever needed to see, but here it is…

The mother

There’s a sight I immediately want to scrub from my mind…

Anyway, if you’re familiar with Cinderella, then part of this episode pretty much plays out exactly how you’d expect – though Riko does get a little help from Mirai and Kotoha when it comes to transforming a frozen clementine into a carriage.

Mofuderella's dress

Mofuderella in her dress

Of course, Riko gives Mofuderella the glass slippers as well, and then they set off for the ball.

Mofuderella and the Prince dancing

Mofuderella dancing with the prince

Of course, Mofuderella’s mother and sisters aren’t happy about the prince choosing her, but her mother has something prepared.


Yamoh uses a spell to turn Mofuderella into an ugly monster

Riko deflects the spell with a frozen clementine, and it hits Mofuderella’s mother instead.

Giant Gamettsu

Mofuderella’s mother ends up becoming a monster… well, I say ‘becoming’, but that was pretty much already the case…

Anyway, transformation time for the Cures.

Mirai transformation

Unfortunately, Mirai doesn’t remain this small…

Miracle, Magical and tiny Felice

…but Felice does.

So, what techniques will the Cures have in store with their Topaz Style? Oh, wait… never mind, they’re going for a dance-off.

Miracle and Magical dancing

This is a silly episode, as I’m sure you’ve noticed by now

Miracle, Magical, Felice and Mofuderella

Here’s the Cures plus Mofuderella together

Mofuderella’s mother falls into a lake, so the Cures save her by using their PreCure Topaz Esperanza finisher. After Mofuderella’s mother apologises for mistreating Mofuderella, the prince tells Riko that they should be able to get back home using the carriage she created, as it has the capability of crossing space-time. Of course, midnight approaches and Riko’s magic starts to wear off.

Magician Mofuderella

Magician Mofuderella

With a little help from Mofuderella, Riko, Mirai and Kotoha are able to magic up a new carriage and thus return home.


The Rainbow Carriage

The girls wake up in their dorm, and have something waiting for them in there.

Rainbow Carriage

They all had the same dream

The book of Cinderella the girls picked up earlier changes to Mofuderella, complete with a different ending in which Mofuderella goes on adventures helping people out with her magic.

I’ve already mentioned this, but this is a silly episode. There’s nothing wrong with silly, and there’s a lot of fun to be found here. Of course, Mofurun- er, that is, Mofuderella, is undoubtedly the star here. If anything, it has increased my anticipation for the upcoming Maho Girls PreCure! film.
The Rainbow Carriage might hold some importance, considering it followed the girls back into the Magic World. During the opening theme we get a glimpse of what looks like something the Cures will need to collect – could there be a connection there?

More Magic World fun next time.

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  1. OG-Man says:

    Mofuderella was a gift made especially for me.
    Lady Tremaine ain’t got nothing on Rule 34 Turtle Guy…the horror.

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