Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 28: A Magical Summer Festival

The students of the Magic Academy spent the previous episode preparing for the Summer Festival, so naturally this episode focuses on said Festival. There was also the introduction of a new enemy last time, which came along with a new breed of monster of the week.

Festival Poster

A poster for the festival

As you’d expect, some of the episode is dedicated to Mirai and the others checking out the various attractions around the festival. Whilst playing around, Jun, Emily and Kay reveal that they’re in charge of the fireworks for the festival.

Jun, Kay and Emily

The girls have been working hard whilst Mirai and Riko have been in the Non-Magic World

Only students who have been recognised for their achievement can take the fireworks magic test. Many of the Magic World residents will be watching the fireworks when the time comes. Of course, turns out there’s a problem…

Bigboom Roses

These are Bigboom Roses, which should be much bigger than this

Liz and Isaac

I’m starting to sense a recurring theme here…

Since Bigboom Roses don’t grow anywhere else, it seems the fireworks will be cancelled. That is until Isaac tells them a tale he once heard about wild fireworks flowers called Popsnap Flowers that can grow in sun or shade. Whether they actually exist or not, he doesn’t know. However, that doesn’t stop Mirai from going to look for them.

Splitting up

Emily, Mirai and Kotoha head to the Magic Forest, whilst Riko, Jun and Kay head to the library

Passing the fireworks magic test isn’t the only achievement Emily has got during Mirai and Riko’s absence.

Emily overcame her fear

Emily also has a carpet flying licence

Emily’s not the only one to experience some character growth, either.

Jun and Riko

Jun more or less knows where every book is

Forgetful Queen no more

Looks like ‘Forgetful Queen’ Kay will need a new title

In the Magic Forest, Kotoha asks a pegasus about the Popsnap Flowers – yeah, Haa can talk to pegasi, and presumably, other animals. The pegasus suggests they look in a cave at the heart of the forest.

Cave flowers

Only one of these is the actual Popsnap Flower

Mirai and Kotoha just rely on instinct and guess which colour is the correct one. Of course, their return to the Magic Academy isn’t a peaceful one.

Rabu appears

Rabu appears, which mean that it’s Donyokubarl time

Monster of the Week

Err… Dark type – let’s just go for the obvious and easy choice here

Anyway, transformation time.

Cure Felice & Sapphire Style Miracle & Magical

Miracle and Magical go with Sapphire Style for this battle

Some pretty neat aerial combat follows, and then the Donyokubarl binds Miracle and Magical together on Rabu’s orders to stop them flying around.

Magical and Miracle

I’m not sure this is an effective tactic against a couple who are in sync…

PreCure Double Kick

Yep, just as I thought.

Of course, Rabu wants to know why they can move like that – and the Cures pretty much give the reason I’ve stated above:

Miracle and Magical's feelings

They’re probably referring to wanting to see the fireworks, but put on the yuri goggles and well…

The Cures trap the Donyokubarl with its own rings. Rabu launches his own attack, but Miracle and Magical blast it out of existence with their Sapphire Smartish attack. This leaves Cure Felice to finish off the Donyokubarl with Emerald Reincarnation. Rabu promptly retreats afterwards. After that battle, it’s time for some fireworks.


Mirai, Riko and Kotoha launch the fireworks alongside Jun, Kay and Emily

Everyone around the Magic World watches the fireworks, and then the episode ends.

The episodes of Maho Girls PreCure! that are set in the Magic World are arguably some of the best, and this is no exception. It’s nice to see that Jun, Kay and Emily have grown as characters whilst they haven’t been onscreen, and I’ll not complain about seeing Liz again – even if she was just sort of there.
It’s a treat seeing Miracle and Magical fight in Sapphire Style, particularly as I really like aerial battles – it also helps that it’s my favourite Style.
Whilst things have been enjoyable, the Donyokubarls aren’t really coming across as any more threatening than the regular Yokubarls. Admittedly, we have only seen two at this point, but Rabu’s ‘mugic’ doesn’t seem to be all that at the moment.
Who knows, maybe things will get harder for the Cures in the near future.

Next time, a certain bear takes centre stage in a fairy tale – and I have to say, it’s one of the stranger episodes, at least in my opinion.

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1 Response to Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 28: A Magical Summer Festival

  1. OG-Man says:

    Rabu didn’t expect the dynamic duo’s love power to be as strong as it has been.
    The Magic posse getting some character development was a very nice touch.
    Not enough Liz for our liking.

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