Thoughts on Akuma no Riddle: Riddle Story of Devil Volume 4

In the third volume of Akuma no Riddle, Haru found herself stuck with an explosive collar around her neck courtesy of Suzu Shuto. This volume resumes with Tokaku and Haru searching for four cards that should tell them what the code to remove the collar is.
There are eleven chapters in this volume, starting with twenty-seven and finishing up with thirty-seven.
Akuma no Riddle Riddle Story of Devil Volume 4
“Don’t cry for me. I don’t want to see you cry.”
The number of flower arrangements adorning Class Black continues to grow as the amount of assassins leaving its ranks continues to rise. Tokaku has defended Haru from all murderous attempts, but the weight of victory sits heavily on them both.
Now Haru and Tokaku must face Shuto Suzu and discover a way to disarm the bomb she’s attached around Haru’s neck. Will the duo find the right password in time or has their luck finally run out in the face of the oncoming storm?

That was the blurb, by the way. Again, we have a few colour pages at the start. These feature, in order; Isuke and Haruki, Isuke and Banba, Sumireko and Banba, and finally Tokaku and Haru.
Now let’s just jump right in with chapter 27, ‘The Birthday’. Haru and Tokaku continue their search for the cards, whilst we also learn the date of Suzu’s birthday.

Chapter 28 is called ‘The Last One’. We learn what Suzu wants for killing Haru, and Tokaku manages to locate the last card. However, the last card comes with a cost so they have to guess the last digit of the passcode.

‘Beautiful Things’ is the title of chapter 29, which shows a little of Mahiru’s past whilst her alter ego has tea with Sumireko. Shinya then shares a bath with Haru and Tokaku, making it seem that Banba will be the next foe.

Though the next title page says it is chapter 31 next, that’s an error and it’s actually chapter 30, ‘The One That Storm Brought’.
Haru receives a warning announcement from Mahiru, only to be attacked by Isuke when outside in a storm. Tokaku gets them away from Isuke, and tells Haru to hide whilst she deals with her.

The actual chapter 31, ‘That Determination’ is next. Tokaku confronts Isuke. During the fight, we are shown a flashback of Tokaku’s youth and why she seems to hold back.
Meanwhile, Haru comes under attack from Shinya. Haru flees, but Shinya naturally gives chase.

‘A World Without Anyone’ is the title of chapter 32. Haru and Shinya’s game of cat and mouse continues in the women’s toilets, and that’s about it for this chapter.

Chapter 33 is ‘Strong Slave, Weak Slave’, in which Tokaku and Isuke continue to fight – thanks to a conveniently placed window, one of them seemingly claims victory.
Shinya continues to chase Haru, and just as it seems she has her cornered, there’s interference. Haru then has a new foe to concern herself with.

‘I Believe’ is the title of chapter 34. Isuke starts to hunt down Haru, but a timely appearance from a certain someone results in Isuke changing her target.

Chapter 35 is ‘Young Ladies’, in which Tokaku and Isuke’s fight comes to a close. The whole thing was observed by Nio and someone else.
Sumireko arrives on the scene and lays claim to Banba, which Nio agrees to.
This chapter ends with Tokaku overcoming the thing that was holding her back before.

Chapter 36 wants to know ‘Do You Know the Language of Flowers’, which relates to the flowers that have been put up in Class Black. Sumireko offers Haru an envelope, but it is not a warning announcement – rather just an invitation to a tea party. We also get a Sumireko-centric flashback, featuring the woman Nio was with earlier – Yuri.
Haru decides to go to Sumireko’s tea party, naturally brining Tokaku along with her.

Chapter 37 is ‘Lonely Queen’, and naturally, Sumireko was using the tea party as an excuse to fight. She challenges Tokaku, offering her a wealth of weapons. Sumireko then promises Haru that she will finish her off after she’s disposed of Tokaku.

This volume ends with a few special illustrations, featuring the girls of Class Black getting rather touchy-feely with each other – and in Isuke and Haruki’s case, indulging in the Pocky game.

That’s volume 4, and I have to say whilst I did enjoy Suzu’s more indirect approach towards achieving her objective, I think the ones where the opponents were actively hunting down Haru were more thrilling.
Also, the cover for this volume features my favourite pairing from this series after Tokaku and Haru, so bonus points for that.
Though Haru was running, she utilised a few different things in order to escape from her pursuers so that kept things interesting. Tokaku only had a direct fight with one opponent, but that was pretty good – particularly when you take into account her first skirmish with Isuke. Though whether Tokaku’s method for taking her out was actually lethal or not… well, who knows at this point?

Some pretty great action in this volume, what with Shinya’s absurd strength and Isuke trying to put Tokaku out of the picture. Of course, there’s also the conclusion of Suzu’s assassination attempt before that, but that one’s more like something from an escape game.

In the next volume, Sumireko takes on Tokaku – and is one the last assassins in Class Black to do so. Things are drawing close to the end…

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